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Six steps in sewage treatment

by:BOQU     2023-03-23
About the sewage treatment steps: 1. The waste water first passes through the grid and screen and then flows to the flocculation sedimentation tank. Dosing also plays a role in regulating wastewater, and the wastewater after flocculation and sedimentation flows into the pre-aeration regulating tank. 2. Air is introduced into the aeration adjustment tank to play the role of pre-aeration adjustment, and the evenly adjusted wastewater is pumped to the first-level floating packing biochemical tank. 3. An aeration head with high oxygenation efficiency is installed in the biochemical pool, and floating packing is installed. Practice has proved that this technology has a high removal efficiency for COD and BOD. The wastewater in the first-level floating packing biochemical pool flows into the second-level The floating packing biochemical pool adopts the same method as the second pool. 4. The water from the secondary floating filler biochemical pool flows into the inclined plate sedimentation tank. Polypropylene honeycomb inclined tubes are added to the tank, which can greatly improve the settlement efficiency. In addition, the hydraulic load is high, the residence time is short, and the floor area is small. 5. The sedimentation sludge in the coagulation sedimentation tank and the inclined plate sedimentation tank is discharged into the sludge thickening tank, and then dehydrated by the sludge dehydration machine. 6. The water discharged from the inclined plate sedimentation tank flows into the clear water tank, and is discharged after being tested.
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