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Small details that need to be paid attention to when using an ammonia nitrogen analyzer to measure ammonia nitrogen

by:BOQU     2023-03-20
The ammonia nitrogen detector used to determine ammonia nitrogen is a small detail that needs attention. The ammonia nitrogen detector can quickly and accurately determine the concentration of ammonia nitrogen in wastewater. Cold light source, narrow-band interference, light source life up to 100,000 hours; support cuvette and colorimetric tube colorimetry; ammonia nitrogen analyzer uses a large-screen LCD to display the concentration for direct reading, and the Chinese display interface is a full Chinese keyboard; support history Data storage (date, time, parameters, measurement results); the ammonia nitrogen analyzer has built-in 99 curves, 5 standard curves, no need to adjust, can be used directly, 94 extension curves can be different in different groups of people, in different environments, different wastewater Environmental hazards of ammonia nitrogen: Under certain conditions, such as oxidation reactions and microbial activities, organic nitrogen may be converted into ammonia nitrogen, which consumes dissolved oxygen in water. In the case of sufficient oxygen, ammonia nitrogen can be further oxidized by nitrifying bacteria into nitrite nitrogen and nitrate nitrogen, and the dissolved oxygen in water is continuously consumed. If there is high ammonia nitrogen in the surface water, it will be toxic to aquatic organisms, and the poisoning effect is mainly caused by the molecular ammonia (NH3) in the water. Molecular ammonia is extremely toxic to fish and can cause fish toxemia. The laboratory environmental problems that should be paid attention to when using the ammonia nitrogen analyzer to measure ammonia nitrogen in water: 1 Laboratory environment In the laboratory where the ammonia nitrogen analyzer is tested, there should be no dust or ammonium salt compounds in the room. Do not analyze with nitrate nitrogen. Ammonia must be used for nitrate nitrogen test, ammonia is very volatile. The reagent absorbs ammonia from the atmosphere, resulting in high test results. Reagents glassware and other utensils used in the ammonia nitrogen tester should be stored separately to avoid contamination and affect the void value. 2  The experimental process of the ammonia nitrogen analyzer requires high water, ordinary distilled water cannot meet the implementation requirements, and secondary processing needs to obtain ammonia-free water. According to actual work experience, when preparing ammonia-free water by distillation, the first part of the distillate and the second part of the distillate should be discarded, and only the middle part of the distillate should be stored in a sealed glass bottle. Therefore, the prepared Ammonia-free vacancy values ​​are low, but secondary processing is laborious and uneconomical when producing ammonia-free feet. The composite resin AC column was used instead of new deionized water instead of ammonia-free water to measure ammonia nitrogen, and the vacancy absorbance met the implementation requirements.
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