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Specific content of operation and maintenance of wastewater online monitoring system

by:BOQU     2023-04-19
The wastewater on-line monitoring system is one of the important monitoring devices for analyzing the sewage situation, but since the equipment is generally affected by the impurities in the sewage during the long-term monitoring process, in this case, in order to ensure the normal operation of the equipment, it is necessary to The wastewater online monitoring system is operated and maintained. Let me tell you about the specific content of the operation and maintenance. The specific content of the operation and maintenance of the wastewater online monitoring system 1. The equipment operation unit needs to have maintenance response personnel, and taking appropriate maintenance measures can ensure the stability of monitoring. The operating equipment should have corresponding spare instruments, and should be equipped with the corresponding instrument reference method actual water sample comparison test device, and the operator of the wastewater online monitoring system must have corresponding professional knowledge. 2. When the wastewater on-line monitoring system cannot operate normally due to a fault, the equipment condition and the reason for the outage should be recorded every day. If necessary, manual monitoring should be adopted, and the monitoring cycle interval should not exceed 6 hours. 3. The equipment operators need to record clearly and completely the on-site conditions so that other personnel can understand the usage of the equipment and make correct evaluations. 4. After the wastewater on-line monitoring system is repaired, it should be ensured that each device is repaired and can pass the calibration and comparison test before normal operation. If the monitoring instrument needs to be replaced, its performance indicators should meet the monitoring requirements before it is put into use. . 5. The equipment should be maintained at fixed points every week, and relevant records should be made according to the requirements. When the equipment fails, it is necessary to make timely feedback to ensure that the detection devices can operate normally. 6. It should be ensured that the wastewater on-line monitoring system can operate normally, and problems caused by maintenance should be negotiated with the environmental protection department to avoid penalties. 7. The waste liquid generated by the equipment needs to be recycled in a special container and processed by a professional department, and cannot be discharged into the water network environment at any time. 8. After the wastewater online monitoring system has been running stably for about one month, it needs to analyze the data of 7 consecutive days. The data received by the monitoring center must be consistent with the stored data. At the same time, check the measured value of the sewage online continuous analysis instrument, the data used by the data control unit and the data received by the monitoring center. The real-time data error in these three links should be less than 1%. The online wastewater monitoring system needs to be operated and maintained according to the above method, so as to ensure the long-term operation of the equipment in a stable state.
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