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Status quo and development trend analysis of sewage treatment industry

by:BOQU     2023-03-27
1. Development status 1. The sewage treatment industry is mainly driven by policies, and the government pays more and more attention to environmental protection issues. With the continuous development of my country's economy, ecological problems have become increasingly prominent, and the government has paid more and more attention to environmental protection issues. In recent years, a number of sewage treatment related issues have been issued. Policies, involving water pollution prevention and control, sewage treatment market mechanism and other aspects, promote the continuous standardized development of my country's sewage treatment market. 2. my country's per capita water resources are poor, and the demand for sewage treatment is large. my country's total water resources rank sixth, second only to Brazil, Russia, Canada, the United States, and Indonesia. However, my country has a large population, and the per capita water resources in 2019 are only 2077.7 Cubic meters, less than one-third of the per capita volume, is one of the poorest per capita water resources, and sewage recycling is one of the important ways to solve the shortage of water resources. Since the 1980s, my country's industrialization and urbanization process has accelerated, people's living standards have continued to improve, the total amount of domestic water and industrial water has increased significantly, and the total amount of sewage discharge has increased accordingly. According to the data in the Statistical Yearbook of Urban and Rural Construction, my country's sewage discharge The volume has expanded year after year. In 2019, the total amount of urban sewage discharge in my country reached 55.465 billion cubic meters, and the demand for sewage treatment is large. 3. my country's water environment governance continues to achieve results, but groundwater quality still needs to be improved. With the continuous acceleration of my country's ecological governance process, the water quality of my country's surface water, important rivers, and key lakes continues to improve. According to the Bulletin on the State of the Ecological Environment, the proportion of water bodies in categories IV to inferior V in my country's surface water, important rivers, and important lakes has continued to decline. Among them, the proportion of surface water with good water quality and the overall water quality of the Yangtze River Basin have met the policy planning requirements. In 2019, my country's surface water, river basins, lakes and other water bodies accounted for 7.6%, 6.3%, and 7.3% (bad V) respectively. Compared with other water bodies, the water quality of groundwater is poorer, and the water quality of IV and below Accounted for 85.7%, of which Class V and below accounted for 18.8%, exceeding the requirements of the '13th Five-Year Plan for Ecological and Environmental Protection'. 2. Development trend 1. Driven by policy, capital and other factors, my country's sewage treatment industry will develop rapidly In 2019, the market size of my country's sewage treatment industry will reach 582 billion yuan, with a compound growth rate of 14.7% from 2019 to 2023. 2. Through mergers and acquisitions, the concentration of the industry will continue to increase. The policy will continue to guide the industry to develop in a standardized direction. The advantages of enterprises with strong capital and technical strength will be further highlighted. At the same time, it will be difficult for enterprises with weaker overall strength to gain a foothold in the industry , was gradually replaced by mergers and acquisitions of advantageous enterprises, and the market concentration of the sewage treatment industry is expected to further increase. 3. The urban sewage treatment rate is relatively high, and the layout of enterprises is gradually expanding to towns. According to the statistical yearbook of urban and rural construction, the sewage treatment rate in my country's cities and counties has reached 96.81% and 93.55% respectively in 2019, which has exceeded the 2020 target in the '13th Five-Year Plan' Targets: 95.0% and 90.2%. However, in my country's township areas, the sewage treatment rate is still far from the goal of the '13th Five-Year Plan'. As the demand for urban sewage treatment continues to saturate, the layout of enterprises will continue to expand to rural areas. 4. Market-oriented reforms further drive the development of the industry and increase the income of enterprises. In recent years, the government has continuously promoted the marketization of the sewage treatment industry through policies. The proportion of projects continues to rise. The entry of private capital has continuously injected vitality into the development of the industry.
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