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Steps of using BOD water quality analyzer (features of BOD water quality analyzer)

by:BOQU     2022-08-13

BOD water quality tester is also called BOD biochemical oxygen demand tester. It is based on the 5-day cultivation method of the national standard 'HJ505-2009', which simulates the biodegradation process of organic matter in nature. It adopts a simple, safe and reliable mercury-free differential pressure sensor. The measurement method measures BOD in water, which is suitable for the determination of biochemical oxygen demand in sewage enterprises, environmental monitoring, sewage treatment plants, third-party testing institutions, scientific research, universities and other fields. The following will introduce the characteristics and use steps of the BOD water quality analyzer.

Steps to use the BOD water quality analyzer:

1. Pretreatment of water BOD samples

Generally speaking, there is a high content of residual chlorine in the water body, and its treatment method is mainly to add a quantitative sodium sulfite solution to decompose and eliminate it.

2. Adjustment of pH value

Before the measurement, it is best to adjust the pH value of the sample to be tested to a neutral standard of 7, and then add a quantitative buffer solution to maintain the activity of microorganisms in the water body and avoid high errors in the measurement results. And try not to bring any air bubbles into the sample to be tested during the operation.

3. Handling of turbid samples

If there is turbidity in the sample to be tested, the water sample should be allowed to stand and clarify for about 30-40 minutes, and then the non-settling substances on the upper layer of the water sample should be taken out and tested for measurement. If the sample water temperature is too high or too low, the sample should first be adjusted to around 20°C with sufficient shaking to ensure clarification.

4. Test operation

After all the pipes of the BOD water quality analyzer are installed correctly, you can connect the buffer to the pipette and turn on the power switch to set the appropriate flow rate and temperature for the operation of the instrument to ensure the sampling and cleaning time of the BOD sample. . When the electrode potential is adjusted to a relatively stable standard parameter state, the measurement of BOD sample data will also be more stable.

BOD water quality analyzer features:

1. Six samples can be measured at the same time;

2. Six independent test terminals, new measurement groups can be added at any time during the testing process;

3. Directly read BOD concentration value without calculation;

4. Mercury-free differential pressure design, high precision, no need to convert, and ensure the safety and health of experimenters;

5. There is no pipeline design in the experimental link to avoid the disadvantages of pipeline aging and air leakage;

6. The measurement range of the BOD water quality analyzer can be selected. When the concentration of the water sample is lower than 4000g/L, no dilution is required;

7. The measuring instrument automatically records the measurement data, and 60 sampling points can be selected in a test cycle, and the detection data is more accurate;

8. The cultivation cycle can be adjusted and can be selected according to needs;

9. The measurement process is completed automatically, without the need for specialized personnel to be on duty.

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