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Summarize the operation of online COD detector

by:BOQU     2023-04-07
The functions realized by the online COD detector include COD detection, step voltage measurement of solution resistance, curve comparison and cyclic voltammetry test. Literally, it can be seen that this is an instrument that integrates digestion and measurement. The advantage of this is that it reduces the occupied area and power cord, and it is also equipped with a printing function as standard. Imported cold light source is used for more accurate measurement and more stable performance; the instrument has a built-in rechargeable battery and is equipped with a portable suitcase, which is easy to carry and is suitable for outdoor on-site measurement. Features of online COD detector: * Select imported LED light source, optical interference filter and lens to ensure more accurate incident wavelength accuracy. *PID technology controls the temperature of the digester, high-precision temperature control. *Large size LCD display screen, the operation is more intuitive. * It can digest 20 water samples at a time, with higher efficiency, and the determination time of each batch of water samples is only about 20 minutes. * Power-down protection, data will no longer be lost. When using the online COD detector, it is generally summarized as the following steps: 1. Prepare several reaction tubes and place them on the air cooling tank of the cooling rack; 2. Accurately measure 2.5ml of distilled water into the '0' reaction tube in sequence , Measure 2.5ml of each test water sample into other reaction tubes respectively; 3. Add 0.7ml of special consumable D reagent to each reaction tube in turn (it is recommended to use the manufacturer's special quantifier) ​​4. Add special-purpose reagents to each reaction tube in turn Consumables E Reagent 4.8ml (It is recommended to use the manufacturer's special quantifier) ​​5. Mix each sample thoroughly and put it into a 5B-1 COD digester that has been preheated to 165°C in advance. Put on the anti-splash cover and press the 'digestion' button. At the same time, turn on the switch of the COD detector to preheat; 6. After the digestion is completed, put each sample on the air cooling tank of the cooling rack in turn, and then press the 'cooling' button of the COD digester to perform air cooling; 7. After the air cooling is completed, Add 2.5ml of distilled water to each reaction tube in turn and mix well; 8. Put the mixed reaction tubes into the water cooling tank of the cooling rack (add tap water in advance). Press the 'Cooling' button for water cooling; 9. After the water cooling is completed, take the reaction tube out of the water cooling tank and wipe off the water droplets on the outer wall. And pour the solution into the corresponding numbered cuvette in turn (mix well); 10. Put the '0' cuvette (blank solution) into the cuvette of the instrument and close the upper cover; 11. Observe 3 After the value is stable for -4 seconds, press the 'Blank' key on the keyboard of the COD analyzer, the instrument screen will display 0000, and then take the '0' cuvette (blank solution) out of the cuvette; 12. '1' cuvette into the cuvette, and close the lid. 13. After observing the stable value for 3-4 seconds, the result displayed on the screen is the COD concentration of No. 1 sample; Put the No. cuvette into the cuvette, and close the upper cover. Observe for 3-4 seconds and wait for the value to stabilize, then the result displayed on the screen is the COD concentration of No. 2 sample. The process of other sample analyzers is similar; 15. The solution after the colorimetry is completed should not be dumped at will, but should be collected uniformly and processed centrally. The online COD detector has strong scalability, which provides convenience for later enterprises to increase detection parameters. The instrument is characterized by fast detection, simple operation and low cost. It is widely used in emergency monitoring, sewage treatment, chemical, pharmaceutical, hospital wastewater, food, printing and dyeing and other industries wastewater detection, and can also be used in research and use of wastewater in scientific research units, colleges and other institutions.
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