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Swimming pool residual chlorine pH online monitor

by:BOQU     2023-03-29
Swimming pool residual chlorine pH online monitor is currently a very mature water quality online monitoring system, designed with the most advanced technology, simple style design, bright appearance color, few accessories, easy installation, simpler operation Online detection of water: residual chlorine, pH, temperature and other three important indicators. It is understood that most of the daily water quality testing indicators in swimming pools are residual chlorine and pH value, and seldom detect ozone, ORP value and other items. The swimming pool residual chlorine pH online monitor is introduced according to the daily testing indicators of domestic swimming pool water quality. Foreign advanced technology and concepts, after several years of research and development and testing, finally launched a swimming pool that meets domestic swimming pool standards, has stable quality and is more economical and practical than imported instruments. With the arrival of the peak season of swimming pools, many owners are cleaning and preparing for a good start to the swimming season in the new year. Swimming pool water quality disinfection and testing as well as sanitation management need to be managed by someone in order to maintain the blue water in the pool for a long time , business will get better and better. However, hiring professional personnel to manage water quality now not only requires high wages, but also makes it difficult to find professionals. As a result, many swimming pools do not have professional swimming pool water quality management personnel, resulting in difficult water quality maintenance, various algae, moss and other problems. The residual chlorine pH online monitor allows owners to easily manage water quality and greatly save costs. The swimming pool residual chlorine pH online monitor can monitor the water quality online in real time, and achieve unattended and automatic monitoring, automatic dosing and other characteristics. The most important thing is that many online monitoring instruments on the market are for detection rather than residual chlorine, so this is your swimming pool. The best choice for automatic water quality monitoring and automatic dosing. If you are still worrying about the water quality of the swimming pool, you can directly choose the pH online monitor for residual chlorine in the swimming pool. Although it is a domestic brand, it is an economical and practical water quality management housekeeper. All kinds of swimming pools are recognized and used, and the heart is not as good as the action.
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