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Swimming pool water quality detector recommendation

by:BOQU     2023-03-31
Can the swimming pool water quality tester detect the urea content? Most instruments are available. So why test the urea indicator in the swimming pool? This is because the urea value in swimming pool water is one of the important indicators to measure water quality and sanitation, and it is also an item that must be inspected by the health supervision department every year. According to the National Health and Medical Commission's random inspection statistics on the water quality of swimming pools in some cities, excessive urea is the primary problem in many swimming places with unqualified water quality. Therefore, swimming pool management sites need to use swimming pool water quality detectors to regularly test water quality urea, so which swimming pool water quality detector is better? According to the latest sanitary standards for swimming pool water quality, the urea content in swimming pool water should be ≤3.5mg/L. Once it exceeds this range, it means that the urea value has exceeded the standard. The main source of urea in swimming pool water is sweat, and some of it comes from human metabolites such as urine, saliva, tears, nasal mucus and saliva. But in fact, urea itself will not cause great health hazards to the human body, but when the urea content in the pool water accumulates too high, it will form chloramines with the chlorine in the disinfectant, which will damage the skin, eyes, and eyes. The cornea is irritated, which in turn causes discomfort to the swimmer. Therefore, it is very important to use a swimming pool water quality detector to detect the urea content in swimming pool water. If you want to test the urea content in the swimming pool, using a swimming pool water quality detector is the easiest and most accurate method. The editor recommends that you use the swimming pool water quality detector produced by Holder Electronics. This instrument can not only detect urea content, but also detect residual chlorine, total chlorine, ozone, chlorine dioxide, pH and other indicators. These indicators are the parameters that the swimming pool managers need to focus on testing, and they are also the items that the relevant departments focus on monitoring.
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