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Talk about how to improve the monitoring of water pollution

by:BOQU     2023-03-26
1. Preface With the continuous development of society and the improvement of living standards, people's demand for various resources is also increasing. Water resources are an indispensable resource for human beings, and its demand is gradually increasing. Therefore, water shortage is one of the major problems facing human beings today. In addition, the problem of water pollution is also a major problem that cannot be ignored in today's world. In human production activities, a large amount of industrial, agricultural and domestic wastes are often discharged into the water, which pollutes the water resources. In water pollution, pollutants are mainly divided into: 1. Industrial wastewater discharged without treatment; 2. Domestic sewage discharged without treatment; 3. Farmland sewage that uses a large amount of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides; 4. Stacking Industrial waste and domestic garbage by the river; 5. Soil erosion; 6. Mine sewage, etc. These are the main causes of water pollution. 2. Improve the monitoring of water pollution The increasingly serious water pollution has constituted a major threat to human survival and safety, and has become a major obstacle to human health, economic and social sustainable development. We need to make corresponding measures and methods, which is the current solution. (1) Reform and innovation, and strengthen the modern management of water resources To solve the increasingly complex water resource problems, it is necessary to emancipate the mind, reform and innovate, and strive to solve the institutional and institutional obstacles that restrict the sustainable use of water resources. It is necessary to use advanced management concepts and methods, advanced science and technology to guide the practice of water resources management and innovate water resources management. Actively promote the modernization of water resources management, and gradually establish a modern water resources management system with a sound system, a reasonable mechanism, and a complete legal system. Promote the informatization of water resources management, improve the ability to regulate water resources and the ability to make decisions about water resources management. Continuously increase investment in science and technology and scientific and technological exchanges, further improve agricultural irrigation conditions, increase the reuse rate of industrial water resources, implement joint use of multiple water sources, rainwater collection and reuse, and reuse of inferior water treatment, etc. content, and give full play to the maximum benefits of limited water resources. (2) Seek truth from facts and strengthen the monitoring, forecasting and dispatching of water resources. First of all, the monitoring of water resources supply, use, consumption and discharge must be comprehensively strengthened. The monitoring of water quality pollution and groundwater needs to be strengthened in particular. Forecasting and forecasting of water quantity and quality of water resources should also be carried out step by step. The amount of water should be adjusted reasonably according to the requirements of water quality. In order to change the corresponding backward water resources monitoring methods, the level of monitoring and information application should be comprehensively improved to research and develop water resources monitoring technology and information sharing platform, so as to improve the ability of water resources supervision and management, and provide comprehensive scientific and technological support for modern water resources management. Secondly, establish a unified management system for water resources protection with the river basin as the unit, implement unified ownership management of water resources, equip a strong management organization, clarify the division of powers between river basins and local regions, and implement unified management to achieve flood control and water supply. , Integrated management of water use, water storage, water conservation, drainage, water resource protection, sewage treatment and reuse, and groundwater recharge. Secondly, implement the unified regulation of the water volume of the whole river. The implementation of systems such as planned water use, water release notices, and water intake permits, the unified distribution of water by the state, the implementation of flow section control, and the rational allocation of water resources in time and space are important guarantees for the sustainable use of water resources. (3) Enhancing citizens' awareness of water conservation and environmental protection Water conservation is a broadly social and regional work, and doing a good job in water conservation requires the understanding and support of the whole society. Carry out extensive publicity and education among the public, and guide the masses to gradually establish awareness of water woes, water resources, and water conservation. Water administrative law enforcement departments at all levels should intensify the publicity of water conservancy regulations and sustainable utilization of water resources to the public, and instill water conservancy regulations and sustainable utilization of water resources into all education, publicity, seminars, and learning activities, and further strengthen The promotion of laws and regulations by the general public, so that people can truly understand water, know water, cherish water, and inspire everyone to participate in the management of water resources, is the guarantee to ensure the sustainable use of water resources. Improving the environment not only requires its governance, but more importantly, enhances residents' awareness of environmental protection through various publicity. Residents' awareness of environmental protection has increased, and behaviors that damage the environment will naturally decrease. 3. Summary In today's increasingly serious form of water pollution, it is necessary to strengthen water resource management and research, realize integrated management of water resources through the use of administrative, legal, economic, technical and educational means, and determine the governance objectives and main objectives from multi-faceted research. Countermeasures are to actively carry out the construction of a water-saving society, improve the water rights system, strengthen the monitoring of water pollution, strictly control quotas and water demand, implement unified water scheduling, speed up water conservation in projects, attach importance to economic and technological means, and guide public participation. It is the only way to improve the efficiency and benefit of water resources utilization, alleviate the contradiction between supply and demand of water resources, and maintain a healthy life.
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