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Talk about the application and parameters of the online ion analyzer

by:BOQU     2023-03-25
The industrial online ion monitor is a water quality online monitoring and control instrument with a microprocessor. Utilize the chemical reaction between cations and anions, and judge the anions and cations according to the chemical phenomena produced. The ion concentration value of the aqueous solution is continuously monitored and controlled. The instrument is equipped with different types of ion electrodes and is widely used in power plants, petrochemicals, metallurgical electronics, mining, papermaking, biological fermentation engineering, medicine, food and beverage, and environmental water treatment. Measuring range: ion concentration: 0~99999mg/L; temperature: 0~100.0℃; resolution: ion concentration: 0.01mg/L; temperature: 0.1℃; basic error: ion concentration: reading ±2.5%; temperature: ±0.3 ℃; 2-way current input: 0/4~20mA (load resistance <750Ω); communication output: RS485 MODBUS RTU; two sets of relay control contacts: 3A 250VAC, 3A30VDC; power supply (optional) 85~265VAC±10% ,50±1Hz, power ≤3W; 9~36VDC, power: ≤3W; Dimensions: 8×98×130mm; Installation method: panel type, wall-mounted type; Panel opening size: 93×93mm; Protection level: IP65; instrument working environment: ambient temperature: -10 ~ 60 ℃; relative humidity: not more than 90%; except for the earth's magnetic field, there is no strong magnetic field interference around.
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