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Talk about the principle of laboratory BOD detector

by:BOQU     2023-03-22
The bod analyzer, namely the biological oxygen demand analyzer, is an instrument used to analyze the biological oxygen demand of a certain water body. Biological oxygen demand (BOD) is the amount of oxygen consumed by microorganisms growing in a certain amount of water. It is an environmental monitoring indicator and is mainly used to monitor the pollution status of organic matter in water. Laboratory bod detector method principle Biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) is defined as: under specified conditions, microorganisms decompose certain oxidizable substances in water, especially the amount of dissolved oxygen consumed by the biochemical process of organic matter . This process takes a long time. For example, at 20°C, the whole process takes 100 days. According to the current unified regulations, at a temperature of 20±1°C, the result measured after five days of cultivation is called the five-day biochemical requirement. The amount of oxygen is recorded as BOD5, and its unit is expressed in mg/L of mass concentration. For general domestic sewage and industrial wastewater, although it contains more organic matter, if the sample contains enough microorganisms and enough oxygen, the sample can be directly measured, but in order to ensure the growth of microorganisms, a certain amount of inorganic nutrients should be added ( phosphate, calcium, magnesium and iron salts). Some industrial wastewater containing no or little microorganisms, wastewater with high pH, ​​wastewater treated by high temperature or chlorination sterilization, etc., should be inserted with microorganisms that can decompose organic matter in water before measurement. This method is called inoculation. For some wastewater containing organic matter or toxic substances that are difficult to be degraded by microorganisms in general domestic sewage at a normal speed, the water sample can be diluted appropriately and inoculated with the inoculum water containing adapted microorganisms after domestication. Generally, the BOD5 for water quality testing only includes the oxygen consumption of the oxidation of carbon-containing organic substances and the oxygen consumption of a small amount of inorganic reducing substances. Because many secondary biochemical treatment effluents and water bodies that have been polluted for a long time often contain a large number of nitrifying microorganisms. When these microorganisms reach a certain amount, they can produce the biochemical process of nitrification. In order to suppress the oxygen consumption of nitrification, an appropriate amount of nitrification inhibitor should be added.
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