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Talk about the technology of circulating water treatment

by:BOQU     2023-03-26
1. Net circulation system The net circulation water is mainly used for the main motor, hydraulic station and lubricating oil station. This part of water adopts closed-type water supply, which is not polluted during use, and only the temperature rises. As long as the temperature is lowered, the recycling requirements can be met. Process description: The closed-type cooling water on the rolling mill returns directly to the cooling tower using the residual pressure. The cooled water returns to the cold water pool under the tower, and then is pressurized by the water pump and sent to the user. In order to reduce equipment wear and pipe clogging, a pipe filter is installed on the outlet pipe. 2. Supplementary water In steel rolling production, part of the cooling water is heated and evaporated, the cooling tower is lost, the iron oxide belt is taken away, the leakage loss of the pipeline equipment and other factors, and the circulation system needs to supplement the loss. In addition, the preparation of demineralized water also requires a clean water source. The water source is to be taken from the nearby river. Build a water intake head, of which 50 tons/hour is lifted to the automatic water purifier by water pump, dosing coagulation, sedimentation, and the water reaches the requirements and then enters the clear water pool for storage, and then pumps it to users. The fully automatic water purifier backwashes and discharges sewage into the sedimentation tank. After sedimentation, the supernatant is discharged into the sewer of the factory area, and the sludge is cleaned manually at regular intervals. In addition, 100 tons/hour is directly supplied to the net, and the turbid ring system is supplemented with water (three outlets are reserved according to user requirements). 3. Demineralized water In order to fully save energy in production, a vaporization cooling device is added to the flue of the heating furnace, and demineralized water is used to generate steam for recycling. Process description: It is planned to use self-made supplementary water, pressurized water softening device, produce softened water that meets the requirements of low-pressure boilers, output soft water into the softening pool, and then pump it to the softened water supplement tank. The wastewater discharged from resin regeneration is connected to the sewer of the factory area. If the self-made supplementary water cannot meet the production water quality, it is recommended to consider using domestic tap water as the water source.
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