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Talk about the test and detection of residual chlorine

by:BOQU     2023-03-26
Test and detection of residual chlorine The residual chlorine meter is used to detect the residual chlorine concentration of domestic or industrial water in large, medium and small water plants, industrial and mining enterprises, swimming pools and other places, so as to control the residual chlorine in the water to meet the specified water quality standards. Product advantages: small size, easy to carry, reduce the requirements for users, and provide reliable test results. 1. Measuring range: 0-10mg/L2. Power supply voltage: DC 1.5V×5 AA alkaline dry batteries, AC 220V/50Hz/DC7.5V/0.2A power adapter, automatic shutdown, AC and DC. 3. Resolution Rate: 0.01mg/L4. Repeatability: 1%5. Linearity error: ± (5% FS + 1 character) Notes are precision measuring instruments combined with photoelectricity. Before operation, you should read the instruction manual carefully and operate correctly. Get precise measurements. 1. The use environment must meet the working conditions. 2. The measuring tank must be clean and dry for a long time without dust, and it must be covered with a smooth cover when not in use. 3. If it is used in humid climate, the start-up time must be extended accordingly. 4. The solution to be tested should be carefully poured along the cuvette to prevent air bubbles from affecting the measurement accuracy. 5. It is necessary to re-calibrate after replacing the cuvette or repairing it. 6. Non-professional maintenance engineers, please do not open the instrument for maintenance. 4. Working conditions 1. The instrument should be placed in a dry room, and the operating temperature is 5°C-35°C. 2. When in use, it should be placed on a flat work surface and avoid vibration. 3. The indoor lighting should not be too strong, and avoid direct sunlight. 4. Try to stay away from strong magnetic fields, electric fields and electrical equipment that generate frequent waves. 5. Keep the temperature away from the instrument.
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