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Talk about the use skills of water quality online residual chlorine analyzer

by:BOQU     2023-03-23
The water quality online residual chlorine analyzer is widely used in automatic control of circulating water dosing, swimming pool chlorine dosing control, drinking water treatment plants, drinking water distribution networks, swimming pools, hospital wastewater, water quality treatment projects, etc. to continuously monitor and monitor the residual chlorine content in aqueous solutions. control. Principle: Use a negative pulse with a specific voltage amplitude between the polarized electrode and the reference electrode to selectively select free chlorine to participate in the reaction, so that an electrochemical reaction occurs at the cathode of the electrode, thereby forming a gas that is proportional to the concentration of free chlorine. Current signal, the instrument calculates the concentration of free chlorine by collecting and analyzing the current signal. Tips for use: 1. The secondary meter generally does not need daily maintenance. When there is an obvious fault, please do not open it to repair it yourself, and contact the manufacturer as soon as possible. 2. After turning on the power, the instrument should have a display. If there is no display or the display is abnormal, turn off the power immediately and check whether the power is normal. 3. The cable connector must be kept clean, and must not be affected by moisture or water, otherwise the measurement will be inaccurate. 4. The electrode should be cleaned frequently to ensure that it is not polluted. 5. Calibrate the electrodes every once in a while. 6. When the water is cut off, make sure that the electrode is soaked in the liquid to be tested, otherwise its life will be shortened. 7. The use of the residual chlorine analyzer depends largely on the maintenance of the electrode.
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