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Talk about the working principle of the online ammonia nitrogen monitor

by:BOQU     2023-03-26
Online Ammonia Nitrogen Monitor Definition Online ammonia nitrogen monitor refers to nitrogen that exists in the form of free ammonia (NH3) and ammonium ions (NH4) in water. The nitrogen content of animal organic matter is generally higher than that of vegetable organic matter. At the same time, nitrogen-containing organic matter in human and animal manure is very unstable and easily decomposed into ammonia. Therefore, when the content of ammonia nitrogen in water increases, it refers to the combined ammonia existing in the form of ammonia or ammonium ions. The ammonia nitrogen online monitor is a pollution source installed at a specific location, and it is an instrument that continuously analyzes the pollution source for ammonia nitrogen 24 hours a day. Ammonia nitrogen online monitor several main test methods and method comparison. The principle of the online ammonia nitrogen monitor is that in an environment with a pH value greater than 11, the ammonium ion is transformed into ammonia, and the ammonia is transferred through the hydrophobic membrane of the ammonia-sensitive electrode, resulting in a change in the electromotive force of the ammonia-sensitive electrode. The instrument measures the concentration of ammonia nitrogen according to the change in the electromotive force . On-line ammonia nitrogen monitor detection step Rinse the measuring water sample, the container of the reagent volume and the electrode installation tube with a new water sample. Samples were injected using a peristaltic pump. The water sample does not come into direct contact with the peristaltic pump tubing - there is an air buffer. The volume injected is controlled by a visual measurement system. The same as the injection, the auxiliary reagent is also added through the peristaltic pump, and the dosage volume is controlled by the visual measurement system. Mix the water sample and reagents by bubbling. The reaction time is automatically controlled by the measuring system. The residual liquid is discharged by the peristaltic pump. During user-defined measurement cycles, the analyzer is automatically calibrated and cleaned using built-in calibration standards and cleaning solutions.
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