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Talking about the main purpose of water quality monitoring

by:BOQU     2023-03-18
With the continuous progress of society, people's level continues to improve. Water quality monitoring has become one of the main tasks in environmental monitoring work. It is to accurately, timely and reflect the current situation and development trend of water quality, provide scientific basis for water environment management, pollution source control, environmental planning, etc. play an important role in controlling and maintaining the health of the water environment. Next, the editor will talk to you about the main purpose of water quality monitoring. There are the following types: 1. Regularly monitor the pollutants entering the surface water body and the pollutants penetrating into the groundwater, so as to grasp the current situation and development trend of water quality; 2. Monitor the production process, living facilities and other discharge sources Surveillance monitoring of various types of wastewater discharged provides basis for pollution source management and sewage charges; 3. Emergency monitoring of water pollution accidents provides basis for analysis and judgment of accident causes, hazards and countermeasures; 4. Complaints against environmental disputes 5. Provide relevant data and information for government departments to formulate water resource protection regulations, standards and plans, and carry out water environment protection management; 6. Provide water environment quality evaluation, Provide basic data and means for water resources demonstration and evaluation and water environment scientific research; 7. Collect background data and accumulate long-term monitoring data to provide a basis for studying water environment capacity, implementing total amount control, and target management.
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