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Technical knowledge of water quality analyzer

by:BOQU     2021-05-24

Model of water quality analyzer has two models are available:

AquaMate V visible water quality analyzer (visible spectrophotometer) is optional for most inorganic analysis, wavelength range: 315-1100nm; for multifunctional applications, such as detergent analysis, organic matter analysis, etc., you can choose AquaMate UV-Visible water quality analyzer (ultraviolet-visible spectrophotometer), wavelength range: 190-1100nm.

Characteristics of water quality analyzer optical system, accuracy

The quartz-coated optical device, even in a very harsh operating environment, the optical system will not have energy attenuation, and the performance will not decrease. The high-resolution* holographic master grating, with a spectral bandwidth of 2nm, is suitable for the analysis of a wider range of environmental samples, such as the analysis of water-soluble chlorophyll and organic pollutants.

1. Powerful functions to meet a variety of needs

Provide more than 400 water quality analysis methods and standard curves, many of which comply with DIN, ISO, and APHA.AWWA.WPCF methods. Whether you choose different manufacturers or different types of reagents, we can provide you with fast and sensitive analysis.

2. The operation is simple and easy

Regardless of whether you are a beginner or not, the operation is very simple. The large-screen LCD display with backlight can display the analysis results in graphics and data and has intelligent man-machine dialogue to complete the powerful functions of the software.

3. Maintain the advanced nature of testing methods

Our intelligent programming and built-in drivers can meet your requirements for method upgrades and update. We will send the closest standard curve and analysis method to you by way or by mailing a floppy disk. You can update yourself anytime, anywhere

4. Flexible method self-establishment

If you need to establish your own test method or optimize the standard curve of standard reagents, the function of AquaMate is very suitable for you. Up to 20 standards can be collected to establish a standard curve, and each standard is measured 3 times, and 4 types of curve fittings are available for selection. Measure up to 20 fixed wavelengths. Built-in reagent reaction timer to control the measurement time.

Develop QC standards and display QC results on the screen. Calculate the original data, change the data unit, and make corrections based on the weight, volume, or concentration of different samples. The graph displays the peak position and peak shape to help determine the number of peaks correctly.

5. Multi-function sampling accessories

The standard configuration is a multi-function sample cell holder, which can hold test tubes, vials, ampoules, 1-inch square cells, and 1-50mm optical path cuvettes. A 50ul microcell for measuring micro samples. Automatic disk-shaped 7-cell can automatically produce a standard curve through 7 cells.

MiniSipper automatic sample aspiration accessory, used for mass sample processing, the peristaltic pump sucks the sample into the sample pool, after measurement, it is automatically put into the original sample liquid or discharged into the waste liquid tank. 300 samples can be analyzed per hour. The flow cell is available in 1mm, 10mm, 20mm, and 40mm. Long cell holder for low-concentration sample analysis, can hold 100mm.

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