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Technical parameters and outstanding performance of the PH tester

by:BOQU     2023-04-15
Technical parameters: PH measurement range: 0-14 resolution: 0.1 measurement accuracy: ±0.2% power supply mode: lithium battery or AC power supply. software: PC software free gift. intelligent electrode: high-precision two-in-one composite electrode , Intelligent temperature compensation function outstanding performance: .Using integrated structure design, external SD card, can accurately measure the PH of the measured site, and upload the environmental factor measurement data of the measured point with one key. The data can also be directly exported to the computer through the host software. .This machine is small in size, beautiful in appearance, simple and convenient in operation, reliable in performance, and extremely convenient to carry in the field. After the host is connected to the sensor, the records can be stored manually or the sampling interval can be set arbitrarily through the host to automatically store the recorded data. .Large-screen Chinese liquid crystal display, tracking and recording the value of each measured environmental factor, the number of groups, and low-voltage warning throughout the process. The host has a built-in large-capacity memory, which can store 300,000 pieces of data, and has the function of automatic storage and protection of power-off data. .After the sensor is inserted into the host, the host has an automatic identification function. The consistency of the sensors is good. The sensors can be combined according to the needs. The sensor interfaces of different parameters can be converted to each other without affecting the measurement accuracy. .The instrument has a multi-channel automatic detection extension function, which can realize the simultaneous detection of multiple sensors connected at the same time. .The host computer software is powerful, and the data in the record can be exported to the computer through the USB interface at any time, and can be stored as an EXCE table file to generate a data curve for further data processing by other analysis software. It has the function of setting the coloring of the overrun area, and the color change warning of the overrun data can be used as a basis for environmental assessment. .Widely used in the detection of soil pH, dry farming, water-saving irrigation, precision agriculture, forestry, geological exploration, plant cultivation, water conservancy, environmental protection and other fields.
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