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Test principle and functional characteristics of ammonia nitrogen rapid detector

by:BOQU     2021-12-07

Ammonia nitrogen rapid detector is designed and developed according to 'Water Quality Determination of Ammonia Nitrogen by Nessler's Reagent Spectrophotometry (HJ535-2009)Imported quality, domestic price, suitable for the determination of ammonia nitrogen in surface water, underground, domestic sewage, and industrial wastewater.

The testing principle of ammonia nitrogen rapid detector:

Online ammonia nitrogen test adopts the principle of ammonia gas-sensitive electrode sensing. Add NaOH solution to the sample, mix well and adjust the pH value of the sample to >12. At this time, all ammonium ions are converted into gaseous NH3. In addition, add a complexing agent such as EDTA to adjust the sample to prevent the formation of calcium salt precipitation.

The free ammonia gas penetrates a semi-permeable membrane and enters the ammonia gas sensor to participate in the chemical reaction, which changes the pH value of the electrolyte inside the electrode. The change in pH value has a linear relationship with the concentration of NH3. It is sensed by the electrodes and converted into the concentration of NH4-N by the host.

Functional characteristics of ammonia nitrogen rapid detector:

1. Quickly and accurately determine the concentration of ammonia nitrogen in surface water, reclaimed water, urban sewage, and industrial wastewater

2. Independent single optical path non-interference system, high precision, long life, and more stable

3. High-definition LCD color liquid crystal display, humanized operation prompts, simpler operation, ammonia nitrogen rapid detector

4. Built-in 99 curves, one of which is the ammonia nitrogen standard curve

5. Chinese display interface. Full Chinese keyboard, convenient for the operator

6. Unique external printer, convenient and compact

7. Supports storage of 1000 data, which is convenient for users to view historical data

8. The measurement time for a single sample is 15 minutes, which is accurate and fast

9. Built-in 99 curves, including 1 ammonia nitrogen standard curve, without adjustment, can be used directly, 98 extended curves can be freely applied under different conditions such as different personnel, different environments, and different wastewater.

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