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The 6 key elements of fast cod digestion instrument selection

by:BOQU     2023-03-08
Fast COD Digester is a heating device for rapid determination of chemical oxygen consumption. COD, total phosphorus, total nitrogen and other sample digestion pretreatments can be performed. In order to ensure the use and facilitate the customer to observe the sample during the experiment, a transparent digestion protective cover is upgraded. Prevent liquid splashing from causing harm to the human body. Fast COD digestion instrument adopts polymer engineering plastic shell, streamlined appearance design, 3 kinds of digestion programs and 1 set of custom digestion programs are stored in advance, and all technical indicators fully meet or exceed the relevant requirements for COD supporting digestion instruments. An indispensable helper in experimental work. There are 6 key elements for choosing a fast COD digestion instrument: 1. Choose a product with a reasonable price for a fast COD digestion instrument. 2. Select the model according to the measurement items: if only one component is to be measured, a single-parameter analyzer can be selected. 3. Select the model according to the sample concentration: ensure that the sample concentration range is included in the measurement range of the purchased COD digester. 4. According to the error requirements of the measurement results, select the COD digester according to the error requirements of the sample measurement results. Do not blindly pursue high precision, resulting in unnecessary waste. 5. Select the model according to the measurement environment conditions: If you often have to go to the field for on-site testing, it is recommended to use a portable COD digester. If you only operate indoors, choose an intelligent COD digester. 6. Select the model according to the staffing situation: select the COD digester according to the quality of the experimenter. If the professional level of the experimenter is high, the selection surface is relatively wide. If the professional level of the experimenter is low, the instrument with simple operation is selected. . Product features of fast COD digestion instrument: 1. Small temperature buffer, constant and uniform temperature and so on. 2. The self-designed mold casing is adopted, and the whole machine is beautiful and elegant. 3. The instrument has an automatic sound alarm function after the temperature constant time is reached. 4. Easy to operate, small size, water-saving, power-saving, good constant temperature performance, etc. 5. The constant temperature timing can be automatically completed, and the time can be set for 10-15 minutes. 6. Automatic shutdown without manual intervention. The temperature drift is small and the constant temperature accuracy is high. 7. Adopt a new type of temperature controller, time controller, and the temperature rise speed is faster. 8. The digestion temperature and timing can be freely adjusted in a wide range to improve the versatility of the instrument.
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