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The advanced design of multi-parameter water quality detector is worth a try

by:BOQU     2021-12-13

Product features of multi-parameter water quality detector:

1. Microcomputer, touch-sensitive keyboard, backlit high-brightness LCD display value, operation, and calibration process are all prompted in Chinese, easy to use. It can automatically adjust zero and 5 points automatically, the range can be switched automatically and manually, and it has data non-linear processing and data smoothing functions.

2. This instrument uses a special high-intensity long-life light source, and a unique constant light source semiconductor illuminator makes the light source constant and stable, and the light source has a lifespan of up to 20 years. It can be used directly without preheating when it is turned on.

3. This instrument also has a selective ion measurement function, and its light source is automatically switched, which is suitable for the rapid quantitative determination of 20 common indicators in drinking water.

4. The host can be equipped with high-power batteries, which can be used for quantitative measurement in the field. It can be used continuously for 4 hours after charging for 2 hours, and it is ready to use, with RS232 printing interface.

5. Using a rectangular optical glass cuvette, the surface is smooth and clean, which overcomes the error of each measurement caused by the uneven wall thickness of the round tube cuvette. The repeatability is good, and it is more accurate in the low range.

6. This instrument integrates a number of independent design achievements, advanced technology, and meets the national standard GB/T5750-2006 drinking water sanitation standards.

Technical characteristics of multi-parameter water quality detector: high reliability: suitable for long-term work in the field environment, stable measurement, strong anti-interference ability; flexible and portable: each probe can be freely combined, independently replaced, plug and play, remote Manipulation; scalability: monitoring multiple factors, 7 sensors can be installed at the same time; multiple applications: long-term online work. rapid on-site measurement. emergency monitoring. groundwater monitoring. self-contained battery; solid shell: POM or PVC material, resistant to seawater Corrosion, can work normally under 200 meters; compact structure: diameter 75mm, can be installed in small size occasions;

The multi-parameter water quality detector can be freely combined with 2-7 water quality sensors. The monitoring factors include temperature, pH, ORP, conductivity, salinity, total dissolved solids, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, chlorophyll-a, blue-green Algae. Rhodamine. Oil in water. Ammonia nitrogen. The depth and so on. It adopts RS485 interface and standard Modbus protocol, low power consumption, can be built-in battery and supports solar power supply. AMT-W400 uses better performance electrodes and has a longer life. The data analysis software is included with the machine, which has the functions of calibration, recording, analysis, diagnosis, and so on.

A multi-parameter water quality detector is used for online monitoring and portable monitoring of different water bodies such as surface water, drinking water, municipal sewage, industrial wastewater, groundwater, ocean, etc., which is convenient for integrated applications such as monitoring buoys, monitoring floats, and monitoring ships.

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