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The cement factory monitors the outfall by itself - the data can be uploaded to the 'BOQU Instrument' of the Bureau of Ecology

by:BOQU     2023-03-11
With the promotion of water environment protection work in recent years, various industrial occasions have more and more stringent requirements for the discharge water quality, while cement plants consume a lot of water but do not have high water quality requirements, mainly used for rotary kiln cooling, ground washing, Mill washing, etc., the waste water produced is generally discharged directly without treatment, and in severe cases, it can cause river channel silting. Therefore, the social benefits of treating and reusing cement industrial wastewater are also very considerable, and the cement factory monitors the outlet by itself The equipment is an indispensable part, and its data is to be reported and docked with the local environmental protection department. The following is a brief introduction of knf-400c, the self-monitoring outfall equipment of Kinaf Technology Cement Plant. The self-monitoring outlet equipment knf-400c of the cement plant can effectively conduct online monitoring for the necessary monitoring indicators of the cement industry, such as: pH value, suspended solids (ss), chemical oxygen demand (COD), five-day biochemical oxygen demand (bod ), ammonia nitrogen, total phosphorus, water temperature, flow and other indicators are monitored online for a long time, and different from the traditional method of monitoring without reagents, various sensors can be directly put into use, with RS-485 data output can be directly collected and uploaded to the environmental protection platform or Kinafu cloud platform, computer and mobile terminal can check the data and equipment running status in real time, and also has the function of data delivery, which can intuitively display the data on the LED screen. The interface can be customized, and the alarm value can be set by itself. Support WeChat SMS email Wait for the warning message to be sent. The self-monitoring outfall equipment of the cement plant developed by Kainafu Technology adopts digital electrode sensors, plug-and-play instrumentation, and the post-operation and maintenance costs are extremely low. It is equipped with automatic cleaning devices and the manual maintenance time is extremely low. It supports customization, OEM, For services such as OEM, senior personnel in the industry will match your quotation, welcome to consult!
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