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The COD analyzer detection step can not be wrong

by:BOQU     2021-12-10

The COD analyzer quickly digests potassium dichromate and the sample in the glue processing device and scans and integrates the surface in the ultraviolet region of the rapid analyzer from 330 to 370 mm. Calculate the COD value according to the surface reduction and the standard curve; use activated sludge to biodegrade the sewage, determine the difference between COD before and after the biodegradation, and define it as BOD5; use the back method to find the equation between BOD_5.BOD_S, and calculate BOD5. The key technology instrument has extremely low noise. It has low drift and is better than the national regulations. Due to the good data reproducibility, the detection limit is low, and the scanning integration is used to quantify the area, so the sensitivity is high. For process control and research in sewage treatment plants, The wastewater treatment process is very convenient and the treatment effect can be seen quickly and quickly.

Pre-measurement instructions for COD measuring instrument: When holding the test tube in your hand, you need to hold the head, and wipe the surface of the test tube with a lens cloth before putting the test tube into the test chamber.

Measurement steps of COD analyzer:

1. Take 2ml of purified water and 2ml of the solution to be tested into different COD reagent tubes, tighten the cap, slowly shake the solution in the reagent tube, put the reagent tube into the digestion apparatus, and digest at 165℃ for 20 minutes. (Danger: The reagent tube contains concentrated sulfuric acid. Please wear gloves for operation. If you accidentally touch the skin, please wash it with plenty of water immediately.

2. After the digestion is complete, take the reagent tube out and place it on the test tube rack to cool to 80°C. (Warning: The temperature of the digestion apparatus and reagent tube is high, so be careful not to get burned during operation.

3. Shake the liquid in the reagent tube again.

4. Put the reagent tube on the test tube rack and continue to cool to room temperature. Do not shake the reagent tube at this time.

5. Press the switch key to turn on, and the display of idle in the middle of the screen means that the boot is completed and the instrument is in the standby state.

6. Open the cover of the detection chamber, make sure the surface of the zero-adjusted water sample test tube is clean, put it in the detection chamber, close the cover, and press the zero key. When '0' is displayed in the middle of the screen, the zero adjustments are complete.

7. Open the lid, take out the zero-adjusted water sample, put in the water sample to be tested, and close the lid. 8. Press the reading key, the number displayed in the middle of the screen indicates the detection value of the water sample. (Unit: mg/L) 9. After the test, short press the switch key to turn off the instrument.

Features of COD Tester:

1. The integrated design of the suitcase detector, convenient to carry and quick to measure, suitable for COD detection in the field and mobile sites;

2. Colorimetric system. Digestion system. The integrated design of the protective cover, built-in 4-hole digestion system, the upper end of the digestion hole is equipped with a heat insulation layer to effectively ensure the digestion temperature, the instrument has an air-cooled device, and the digestion is completed to increase the heat dissipation speed. Detection accuracy;

3. The digestion system adopts the micro-reflux rapid digestion method, and closed digestion prevents the volatilization of organic matter and the escape of the sample. The integrated transparent protective cover can ensure the safety of the digestion and facilitate the real-time monitoring of the digestion process;

4. Using cold light source with a service life of 100,000 hours, no need for heat dissipation system, stability;

5. Solid-state detection system, no moving parts, earthquake resistance, and strong moisture resistance;

6. The sample chamber is a square colorimetric cell to avoid errors caused by uneven walls of the round colorimetric tube. The measurement is higher. The colorimetric cell is also suitable for cuvettes of various specifications to meet the detection of multiple parameters. need;

7. The working curve in the instrument's memory can be directly called and automatically calculated concentration results. At the same time, it has 180 extended curve spaces, supports manual modification, supports automatic calibration or fitting, and is convenient for users to establish the extended range and extended detection items.

8. Supports blank calibration and standard sample multi-point calibration functions, and can automatically fit the curve. No manual calculation is required, which is convenient for users to expand test items or correct system differences in test results. The fitted curve can be automatically saved and supports power-off retention;

9. Large screen Chinese menu display (7-inch TFT color touch screen), reading mode includes absorbance value (A), transmittance value (T), concentration value (C);

10. Use the special detection reagent kit to detect water samples, which greatly shortens the reagent preparation time, has higher detection efficiency, and simpler operation;

11. Support one-key storage, item name and reading the information can save the detection data in real-time, each group of data corresponds to the detection date and time, which is convenient for query; can record 50,000 groups of data, and can perform data statistical analysis;

12. Support one-key printing, built-in printer, can print detection data in real-time, and can also query and print historical data;

13. With data interface, professional online software is provided at random, you can input sample name, testing items, testing organization and other information, support exporting TXT or EXCEL format data report, report printing can be realized through external printing system;

14. Optional high-power lithium battery, high safety, can complete at least 15 digestion processes.

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