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The COD detector complies with international general norms

by:BOQU     2022-03-20

COD detector consists of a special digester and a special colorimeter. The COD detector has functions such as automatic temperature control, timing, zero adjustments, linear regression, curve storage and data printing. Because the COD detector uses strong oxidants in the measurement process, it is highly corrosive. A little carelessness will cause serious corrosion to the COD detector and the oxidant delivery system. For this reason, we have developed a unique automatic air pressure sampling method to avoid possible occurrences. corrosion phenomenon. COD detectors can be widely used in environmental protection, scientific research monitoring, production monitoring and other fields. COD detector is an ideal machine for environmental monitoring and control.

COD detector function:

1. Chinese operation interface, large screen guide menu LCD display.

2. The central wavelength is 610nm.

3. COD can be measured directly.

4. 99 standard curves in memory can be set manually. Modify and save data.

5. The COD detector can automatically calculate and establish the curve with the national standard sample.

6. With full-screen page-turning/viewing/modifying/saving functions.

7. With the automatic protection function of temperature control over temperature, the COD detector can adjust the power with the load.

8. It has the required parameters according to the preset memory working line selection.

9. It has the function of flashing and beeping when the current temperature/timing parameters arrive.

10. The COD detector has the function of modifying and saving preset temperature/timing parameters.

COD detector The standard method for measuring COD is the reflux digestion titration method, which has a long digestion time (2 hours), high energy consumption, high reagent cost and low efficiency, which often troubles the actual operator. We have successfully developed a COD detector for industrial pollution source control and discharge and various sewage rapid detection requirements. The COD detector can adopt open-tube reflux heating digestion or a sealed digestion method. The COD detector adopts a special catalyst and oxidant. After adding a special oxidant and catalyst, the water sample is heated and digested, and the Cr6+ in the oxidant is partially reduced to Cr3+. (cr) actual concentration. The COD detector uses the microcomputer optoelectronic colorimetric detection principle to replace the traditional visual colorimetric method. The COD detector eliminates human errors and greatly improves the measurement resolution. The COD detector automates the measurement process. The COD detector can be widely used in the monitoring of sewage outlets of factories and mines, the monitoring of import and export of urban sewage treatment plants, the monitoring of water quality in rivers and lakes, and the process control of sewage treatment facilities. The COD detector is exquisitely designed, with microcomputer technology, follows the concept of environmental protection, and is easy to operate. The chemical oxygen demand (COD) is determined by the potassium dichromate method, and the COD detector conforms to the international standard. The COD detector is automatically zero-calibrated, and the sample after digestion is measured in a rapid cycle, and the measurement only takes 3 seconds.

COD detector is based on the catalytic rapid method. The COD detector uses a single-color cold light source to measure the color change of the colored solution. The COD detector uses single-chip microcomputer technology for data processing. 

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