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The cod online automatic monitor has many functions and can be used with environmental protection departments

by:BOQU     2022-03-30

COD online automatic monitoring instruments mostly use spectrophotometry, electrochemical method and UV method to measure COD value in water samples, and the measurement results have been recognized by my country's environmental protection department. The COD value of water samples can be measured in a very short time, which is suitable for enterprises to monitor and measure their own activities. The cod online automatic monitor is a COD measurement device that is widely used by enterprises at present. After the COD online monitor is installed, it will be connected to the pollution online monitoring network of the environmental protection department, and the environmental monitoring station is responsible for operation and monitoring, which is convenient for the environmental protection department to implement unified management and supervision of the enterprise monitoring network. The cod online automatic monitor uses the potassium dichromate open reflux colorimetric method to oxidize the sample.

Under the control of the microcomputer, mix the water sample with potassium dichromate solution and concentrated sulfuric acid, add silver sulfate as a catalyst, and mercury sulfate complexes the chloride ions in the solution. The mixture is refluxed for a certain period of time under the condition of 1650C, and the reducing substances in the water react with the oxidant. The Cr6+ in the oxidant is reduced to Cr3+, and the color of the mixture will change at this time. The increase in Cr3+ is converted into a voltage change by photoelectric colorimetry. The COD value is calculated by measuring the changed voltage and calculating the curve search.

COD online automatic monitor product features:

1. Large-screen liquid crystal display: The instrument adopts a large-screen graphic dot-matrix liquid crystal display, which can not only display the technological process of the entire analysis process but also visually display the measurement results, reports and curves;

2.4~20mA analog interface output: 4~20mA corresponds to linear output between zero point and full scale respectively, compatible with various standard data collectors;

3. Storage function: The instrument is equipped with a large-capacity electronic hard disk, which can store the measurement data of the instrument for ten years;

4. Range adjustment: the appropriate range can be selected according to the water quality to ensure the measurement accuracy;

5. Heating time adjustment: choose the heating time according to the pollutants in the water, so that the pollutants can be completely oxidized;

6. Printing function: provide a print output port, an external printer can print data;

7. Automatic sampling function: automatically complete the collection of water samples;

8. Fixed-point analysis function: select the number and time of analysis;

9. Reagent alarm function: set the reagent remaining amount, when the reagent is lower than the lower limit, the instrument will stop running and alarm;

10. Power-off protection function: power off in the main interface and automatic analysis state, no manual operation is performed within 10 minutes after re-powering, the instrument will automatically restore the automatic analysis state, and the same power-off situation occurs in the manual state, the instrument will return to the manual state by itself;

11. Remote control function: add corresponding accessories, which can remotely monitor the instrument through GSM short message.

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