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The COD water quality detector has the following two detection principles

by:BOQU     2022-01-10

COD water quality detector is mainly used to detect water quality, which will help prevent water pollution. In the process of using the instrument, you must pay attention to the maintenance of the equipment. If the equipment is used for a long time without maintenance, its accuracy will be affected. If the test results produce large errors, it will not be good.

The detection principle of COD water quality detector:

PH detection principle:

The essence of pH measurement is to measure the potential difference between two electrodes. When the potential difference produced by a pair of electrodes in the solution is equal to zero, the pH value of the measured solution is the zero potential pH value, which is related to the solution in the glass electrode. This instrument is equipped with a composite electrode composed of a glass electrode and an Ag-Agcl electrode, and its zero-point pH value is 7±0.25pH. The pH meter is a common analytical instrument, which is widely used in agriculture, environmental protection, and industry. The method of using the water quality detector is relatively simple: use a thermometer to measure the temperature of the solution (including the temperature electrode that automatically detects the temperature), then press the increase key or decrease key to adjust the temperature value of the instrument accurately, and the pH electrode is cleaned and immersed in the measured solution When the measured value is stable, the reading will be the measured pH value.

SS Suspended Matter Detection Principle:

The attenuation of the infrared light transmission and scattering in the sludge and the suspended matter is based on the concentration of the suspended matter in the liquid. The infrared light sent by the transmitter on the sensor is absorbed by the measured object during transmission. After reflection and scattering, only a small part of the light can illuminate the detector. The transmittance of the transmitted light has a certain relationship with the concentration of the measured sewage. Therefore, the concentration of sewage can be calculated by measuring the transmittance of the transmitted light.

Maintenance items of the instrument:

1. The conductivity electrode should be checked once a month for conductivity. The higher the conductivity of the solution, the higher the requirements on the electrode surface, and the higher the frequency of inspection. To check the good condition of the electrode, if there is a gap, crack, wear or corrosion, etc., it should be dealt with in time;

2. If the online conductivity meter is installed in a new pipeline system, then Zui will check after a few days of operation to ensure that the online conductivity meter can function normally;

3. If the instrument displays abnormal conditions, including sensitivity decreased, increased afterward, and the indicator indication is unstable, it is most likely that the electrode is damaged and needs to be repaired or replaced;

4. Detergent should be used to clean the electrode. Choose the appropriate detergent according to the type of polluted environment. When cleaning, it must be operated in accordance with the requirements. If the electrode with a relatively low electrode constant cannot be cleaned with a brush.

In short, the use and maintenance of the COD water quality detector must be operated as required.

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