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The COD water quality detector needs to be proficient in the following steps when testing

by:BOQU     2021-12-06

COD water quality detector is a portable multi-parameter detection product developed for on-site operations in the environmental protection industry. Emergency scenarios. Support car or car cigarette lighter power supply to facilitate rapid detection of COD results on the spot. The product interface design is humanized. It is convenient to carry in a portable box, easy to operate, and matched with finished standard reagents, and the process is simple. The result is stable and reliable. Widely used in emergency monitoring, sewage treatment, chemical chemistry, pharmacy, hospital wastewater, food, and other industries wastewater detection. The dual-wavelength measurement makes the detection more accurate, and the digestion and colorimetric integrated tube make the detection easier and safer.

Main working principle:

The COD parameter of the sample is calculated by a specific formula by measuring the difference in consumption of the strong oxidant by using enough strong oxidant to react with all the opportunities in the sample. Water quality COD detection principle: The organic matter in the water sample is oxidized by potassium dichromate in the presence of sulfuric acid, silver sulfate and mercury sulfate to produce carbon dioxide (CO2) and water (H2O). The amount of potassium dichromate used is calculated by the difference in volume with the volume of ferrous ammonium sulfate consumed in the sample titration. The amount of potassium dichromate used in the reaction is equal to the oxygen (O2) used to oxidize the organic matter in the wastewater.

Detection steps of COD water quality detector:

1. Rinse the container for measuring the volume of the water sample, the reagent volume, and the digestion tube with a new water sample.

2. Use a peristaltic pump to inject samples. The water sample is not in direct contact with the peristaltic pump tubing-there is an air buffer. Such a volume is controlled by a visual measurement system.

3. The injection is the same, the reagents A, B, C, etc. are also added through the peristaltic pump, and the volume of the drug added is also controlled by the visual measurement system.

4. Mix the water sample and reagent by bubbling.

5. Press the lid of the digestion test tube tightly, and heat the solution to the set digestion temperature by the heating wire.

6. The measurement system automatically controls the digestion time.

7. After the solution is cooled, the solution is discharged by the peristaltic pump. COD water quality detector function:

1. Micro-processing technology, humanized design, large screen display, measurement flow chart text display, simple operation.

2. Unique combination concept, can measure up to more than 10 kinds of measurement indicators routinely or quickly; and store 20 sets of measurement data according to needs.

3. Humanized and unique design, which can realize portable, desktop and suspended measurement methods according to specific conditions and site conditions.

4. Conventional power configuration, low battery prompt, can be set to automatically shut down from 0 to 120 minutes according to user needs.

5. Portable packaging, waterproof. Anti-vibration rubber design, economical consumables, suitable for all kinds of water quality. Sudden river basin. Quick and routine monitoring.

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