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The concept of turbidity and sludge concentration

by:BOQU     2023-03-15
The portable suspended solids MLSS analyzer is an online analysis instrument designed to measure the turbidity (concentration) of suspended solids in the process of municipal sewage or industrial wastewater treatment. Whether evaluating activated sludge and the entire biological treatment process, analyzing wastewater discharged after purification treatment, or detecting sludge concentrations at different stages, the suspended solids concentration meter gives continuous and accurate measurement results. The suspended solids concentration meter consists of a transmitter and a sensor. The sensor can be easily installed in the pool, drainage pipe, pressure pipeline or natural water body, and the suspended solids concentration meter can automatically compensate for the interference caused by pollution. Two-way digital communication between transmitter and sensor prevents signal degradation and allows sensors to be located at greater distances between transmitters. The sensor has an air cleaning function, which can be cleaned automatically and regularly according to the preset time, thus greatly reducing the workload of instrument maintenance. SS is suspended solids, that is, suspended matter in water quality. Suspended matter in water quality refers to the solid matter that the water sample passes through the filter membrane with a pore size of 0.45 μm and is retained on the filter membrane and dried at 103-105°C to constant weight. It is one of the important indicators to measure the pollution degree of water quality. mg/L. MLSS is the concentration of suspended solids in the mixed liquid, that is, the sludge concentration, which indicates the concentration of suspended solids contained in the mixed liquid per unit volume in the aeration tank, and it indirectly reflects the microbial biomass contained in the mixed liquid. In order to maintain the purification efficiency of the aeration tank, a certain amount of sludge concentration is maintained in the tank. Generally speaking, for the ordinary activated sludge method, the MLSS in the aeration tank is often controlled at 2-3g/L. Although the units are both mg/l, mg/l as a turbidity unit and mg/l as a concentration unit are two different concepts, the former is an optical unit, the latter is a mass content unit, there is no difference between the two Numerically corresponding or equivalent relationship.
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