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The detection principle and product characteristics of COD ammonia nitrogen detector

by:BOQU     2021-12-25

COD ammonia nitrogen detector: Combining classic colorimetry with advanced computer technology, using microcomputer photoelectron colorimetric detection principle to replace traditional visual colorimetry, eliminating human error and greatly improving measurement resolution. The automation of the measurement process is realized. It can be widely used in the monitoring of sewage outlets of factories and mines, the import and export monitoring of urban sewage treatment plants, the water quality monitoring of rivers and lakes, and the process control of sewage treatment facilities.

COD ammonia nitrogen detector: It has the characteristics of safety, simple, fast, direct reading of concentration, microcomputer control technology, etc. The measurement data can be transmitted and printed, which is convenient for the management of the measurement data. Users can choose two free combinations according to their actual needs. Juchuang instrument is suitable for the determination of surface water, underground, domestic sewage and industrial wastewater. It is widely used in environmental monitoring, sewage treatment and the determination of COD, ammonia nitrogen and total phosphorus in universities, scientific research institutions, hospitals and other departments.

The detection principle of COD ammonia nitrogen detector:

COD: Low-range measurement of the total absorbance of Cr6+ produced by reduction and Cr3+ produced by reduction at a certain wavelength. Measure the absorbance of Cr3+ produced by reduction at a certain wavelength in a high range. The COD content (mg/L) is directly displayed after calculation by the microcomputer chip.

Ammonia nitrogen: Ammonia nitrogen in the form of free ammonia or ammonium ions reacts with Nessler's reagent to form a yellow-brown complex. The absorbance of the complex is proportional to the content of ammonia nitrogen. The absorbance is measured at a wavelength of 420nm. After calculation by the microcomputer chip, the ammonia nitrogen content (mg/L) is directly displayed.

Product features of COD ammonia nitrogen detector:

1. Strong anti-interference ability, suitable for industrial sites.

2. It can be widely used in the monitoring of surface water and pollution sources.

3. The amount of reagents is small, the operating cost is low, and the anti-interference ability is strong.

4. The intelligent design of fault self-diagnosis makes the management and maintenance of the instrument simple and convenient.

5. The measurement range is wide, and the range can be switched automatically according to the actual situation of the water sample.

6. Using a unique semiconductor cold light source illuminator, the life of the light source can reach tens of thousands of hours.

7. It can be connected to a computer to export measurement data, and it can be connected to a printer to automatically print measurement data.

8. Large-screen LCD backlit display, pure Chinese operation interface, humanized program design.

9.1-point to 7-point calibration mode, automatic calculation of slope, intercept and correlation coefficient, high measurement accuracy.

10. The COD ammonia nitrogen detector has large-capacity data storage, which can save 30,000 measurement results. The power-off protection design ensures that the instrument is not damaged and data records are lost.

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