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The detection process of the total phosphorus detector

by:BOQU     2023-04-07
The total phosphorus detector adopts a high-brightness and long-life cold light source, and uses the microcomputer photoelectron colorimetric detection principle to replace the traditional visual colorimetric method, which reduces human errors and improves measurement resolution. Applied to chemical and pharmaceutical, industrial and mining enterprises; scientific research institutions, environmental monitoring institutions; sewage treatment plants and other units. It can effectively determine the content of total phosphorus in industrial wastewater, domestic sewage, surface water and groundwater. Detection principle: The closed catalytic digestion colorimetric method is adopted in the digestion tube, the Nessler reagent colorimetric method is used for the determination of ammonia nitrogen, and the closed digestion colorimetric method is used for the determination of total phosphorus, all of which are approved by the US EPA. After the data is automatically processed by technology and microcomputer, the COD, ammonia nitrogen and total phosphorus values ​​of the sample are directly displayed in mg/L. The detection process of the total phosphorus detector: 1. Add 8.0ml water sample into the special sealed reaction tube. 2. Add 1.0ml potassium persulfate solution and mix well. 3. Use a special digester to digest at 120°C for 30 minutes. 4. Take out the reaction tube and let it cool in air for 2 minutes and water for 2 minutes. 5. Add 1.0ml of special P1 reagent and 1.0ml of special P2 reagent and mix well. 6. Put it in the air for 10 minutes. 7. Pour into a 30mm cuvette. 8. Put the water sample into the built-in colorimetric tank of the host. 9. Then put the water into the colorimetric tank of the main machine for colorimetry, and read the result directly. The main functional characteristics of the total phosphorus detector: 1. The instrument fully complies with the relevant national standards, and the measurement results are accurate and effective. 2. Using a new semiconductor cold light source, the life of the light source can reach tens of thousands of hours. 3. The measurement range is wide, and the range can be automatically switched according to the actual situation of the water sample. 4. Large-screen LCD backlight display, pure Chinese operation interface, humanized program design. 5. Large-capacity data storage, power-off protection design ensures that the instrument is not damaged and data records are not lost. 6. 1-point to 7-point calibration mode, automatically calculate slope, intercept and correlation coefficient, with high measurement accuracy. 7. The intelligent design of fault self-diagnosis makes instrument management and maintenance simple and convenient. 8. Strong anti-interference ability, suitable for industrial sites. 9. It can be connected to a computer to export measurement data, and can be connected to a printer to automatically print measurement data. 10. Less reagent consumption, low operating cost and strong anti-interference ability.
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