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The difference between residual chlorine and total chlorine measured by online residual chlorine detector

by:BOQU     2023-04-03
Analysis of the difference between residual chlorine and total chlorine measured by the online residual chlorine detector Analysis of residual chlorine meter manufacturers In order to ensure that the tap water meets the safety and hygiene requirements and avoid water-borne infectious diseases, disinfectants should be added to the tap water during the water purification process to inactivate the water. of pathogenic microorganisms. Due to the high cost performance of Cl2, it is widely used in the domestic water treatment industry. Residual chlorine: After chlorine is put into water, in addition to consuming part of the chlorine by the action of bacteria, microorganisms, organic matter, and inorganic substances in the water, there is still a part of chlorine remaining, which is called residual chlorine. Residual chlorine can be divided into combined residual chlorine and free residual chlorine. Total chlorine: total residual chlorine is the sum of combined residual chlorine and free residual chlorine. Free residual chlorine (Cl2, HClO, ClO-); Combined residual chlorine (NH2Cl, NHCl2, NCl3). Generally speaking, residual chlorine refers to free residual chlorine. ·Standards After adding chlorine disinfectant, it is not only necessary to ensure that the microbial indicators of the factory water can meet the requirements, but also to maintain a certain residual chlorine value, so as to avoid the growth of microorganisms during the pipeline network transportation and achieve healthy drinking water. 'Drinking Water Hygienic Standards' GB makes the following requirements for residual chlorine and total chlorine indicators in drinking water: Free residual chlorine: contact with water for at least 30 minutes, residual chlorine value in factory water ≥ 0.3mg/L, factory water limit 4mg/L, the balance in the water at the end of the pipe network is ≥0.05mg/L; Balance ≥ 0.05mg/L. ·Bactericidal effect The main principle of the sterilization of free residual chlorine is that strong oxidative HClO and ClO- invade the bacteria, reach the inside of the bacteria, and oxidize it to destroy the bacterial enzyme system, so as to achieve the purpose of killing bacteria. The bactericidal effect of free residual chlorine Fast, according to static test results, free residual chlorine disinfection can kill more than 99% of bacteria within 5 minutes; while combined residual chlorine has weak oxidation ability, the sterilization speed is not as good as free residual chlorine, and can kill 60% of bacteria within 5 minutes , but increasing the concentration of combined residual chlorine or prolonging the sterilization time to ensure a certain CT value can achieve the same sterilization effect. The residence time of the clean water tanks of the water works is generally more than 2 hours. When the combined residual chlorine is used for disinfection, the bactericidal effect can be guaranteed. Generation and control of residual chlorine and total chlorine: The amount of chlorine added to water can be divided into two parts, namely chlorine demand and residual chlorine. Chlorine demand refers to the part consumed for killing bacteria, oxidizing organic matter and reducing substances. Residual chlorine refers to the part to inhibit the growth and reproduction of bacteria. When the water is mainly polluted by bacteria, organic matter and reducing substances, without ammonia nitrogen and nitrogen compounds, after adding chlorine disinfectant (not including chlorine dioxide), the residual chlorine is mainly free residual chlorine.
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