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The difference between total chlorine and residual chlorine

by:BOQU     2023-04-08
Residual chlorine in tap water effluent refers to free residual chlorine. The residual chlorine standard is in the domestic drinking water of the chlorinated pipe network. After chlorination and disinfection for 30 minutes, the content of free residual chlorine in the water should not be lower than 0.3mg/L; The content of free residual chlorine in the water at the end of the net should not be lower than 0.05mg/L; the standard value of free residual chlorine in artificial swimming pool water is 0.3~0.5mg/L; The content of free residual chlorine on the surface should be less than 0.3mg/L. Determination of residual chlorine in industrial circulating cooling water: 0.03mg/L~2.50mg/L Determination method Residual chlorine refers to the chlorine remaining in the water after the water has been in contact with chlorine-based disinfectants for a certain period of time. There are three forms of residual chlorine: 1. Total residual chlorine: including free residual chlorine and combined residual chlorine. 2. Free residual chlorine: including HOCl and OCl-, etc. 3. Compound residual chlorine: including NH2Cl, NHCl2, NCl3 and other chloramine compounds. The role of residual chlorine is to ensure continuous sterilization and also to prevent water from being re-polluted. However, if the amount of residual chlorine exceeds the standard, it may aggravate the taste and odor produced by phenol and other organic substances in the water, and may also generate harmful substances such as chloroform."San Zhi"Functional organochlorides. Determining the content and state of residual chlorine in water is very important for doing a good job in drinking water disinfection and ensuring water sanitation. The determination of residual chlorine can use a portable residual chlorine detector.
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