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The difference of COD digestion time in different water samples measured by COD analyzer

by:BOQU     2021-09-06

Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) reflects the degree of water pollution by reducing substances and is also an indicator of the degree of organic pollution in water. The measurement of COD value in our country basically adopts the dichromate method (also known as the standard reflux method). This method has accurate results and good reproducibility, but it takes a long time to reflux cumbersome operation, large reagent consumption, serious secondary pollution, etc. shortcoming. The practical permanganate index tester is designed and developed according to the national standard GB11892-89. It adopts imported optical components and has stable and reliable performance. With the 5-inch large-screen display, the interface is simple and easy to understand, and the user can use it quickly and accurately.

It can be widely used in the detection of water quality CODmn in colleges, universities, scientific research institutes, sewage treatment plants, environmental monitoring stations, municipal engineering, and other industries. In order to improve work efficiency, the rapid digestion spectrophotometric method is now used to replace the standard reflux method to determine the COD value, and the digestion effect under different digestion times is studied, in order to shorten the digestion time and improve the work efficiency under the premise of ensuring the digestion effect. Serve environmental management and decision-making well. The YC115COD analyzers developed and produced all use rapid digestion spectrophotometry, which has good precision and accuracy and has a small relative error with the standard reflux method. It has the feasibility of replacing the standard reflux method.

Considering that industrial wastewater, domestic sewage, and surface water contain different organic components, the optimal digestion time required is different. This study determined the optimal digestion time of industrial wastewater to be 15 minutes through experiments, domestic sewage, and surface water The best digestion time is 15min. The improved COD analyzer selects the appropriate digestion time according to the different types of water samples to be analyzed, which shortens the digestion time, so that the COD analyzer method retains the advantages of the standard reflux method, simplifies the operation steps, and relatively shortens the digestion time.

Therefore, compared to the standard reflux method, the COD analyzer is more suitable for supervisory monitoring and emergency law enforcement monitoring with larger batches and stable water quality components. If you need to know about the COD digestion instrument, COD ammonia nitrogen total phosphorus total nitrogen analyzer, ammonia nitrogen analyzer, multi-parameter water quality analyzer, and other testing products, please contact us.

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