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The effect of the water quality detector for the water quality monitoring of the water plant

by:BOQU     2021-07-05

Water is the fountain of life, and tap water is a must in our daily life. How to guarantee the quality of tap water? With the acceleration of our country's industrialization, our water quality resources continue to deteriorate. In particular, the water treatment process of tap water in towns and villages is relatively complicated, and traditional manual inspection methods cannot meet the needs of modern production.

Therefore, the water quality detector came into being, making great contributions to the water quality monitoring operation of the water plant. The water quality detector improves production efficiency, guarantees the quality of tap water, provides healthy and high-quality water sources for a wide range of citizens, and ensures people's drinking water safety.

The standard to measure the quality of water:

1. It does not contain any substances that are harmful to the human body and have a peculiar smell (especially heavy metals and organic substances);

2. The hardness of the water is moderate, usually between 50-200mg/L (calculated as calcium carbonate);

3. The PH value is weakly alkaline (7.0-8.0);

4. The content and proportion of trace elements and minerals in the water are moderate, near-normal liquids;

5. The content of dissolved oxygen in the water and the content of carbon dioxide is moderate (dissolved oxygen in water ≥6-7mg/L)

6. Water has strong nutritional and physiological functions (including dissolving power, penetrating power, dispersing power, metabolism, emulsifying power, cleaning power, etc.).

Water online quality meters have been widely used in the water quality monitoring operations of water plants in our country, and have made great contributions to the aquaculture industry. It is an indispensable instrument for safe and healthy water use.

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