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The Effectiveness And Usage of Digital PH Meter

by:BOQU     2020-05-29
A digital PH meter is a device used to measure the acidity or alkaline of a liquid substance. It is a meter designed in such a way that a special probe (glass rods) is connected with digital meter, which shows readings about a substance. The acidity or alkaline of a semi solid substance is also measured with a ph meter. A digital ph meter is used to measure the following types of liquids or substances. Pools Spas Labs & scientific testing Ecology testing Boilers & cooling towers Water treatments, wine or coffee application Extensive use in agriculture industry USAGE The instruction manual is a must to read for the usage of the device. If one wants to calibrate the readings then he will be wasting a lot of time with this device looking for the required command but if he has gone through the instructions manual then it would take a very little time to locate and apply the function. The technology of PH meters is in use since 1930's but the reliability and precision of the today's meters are far better than of those, as the today's Ph meters are digitized and are able to communicate with a computer and some of them are so much developed that they are able to show computerized readings and calculation by without attaching a computer. As the today's PH meter are performing better than those from the history but still they are limited in terms of electrode constructions and the properties of the solutions itself. There are two types of digital PH meters, bench and portables; Bench is more efficient type with a more availability of options and the ability to be used in any Potentiometric application. As the core technology is simple or one can say that a digital Ph meter is nothing but a precise Voltmeter that measures EMF of the PH electrodes, but it does not mean that the commercially available Voltmeter can perform the job of a digital PH meter. In the digital PH meters the PH electrodes have internal resistance in the range of 10 100 M, which is not in case of a traditional Voltmeter. For reliability a Voltmeter must have 100 times larger resistance from its current resistance power. Construction of a digital PH meter is difficult, because it is an instrument that is highly sensitive to: Temperature changes Electromagnetic noise Electrostatic charges
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