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The functional characteristics and operating procedures of cod rapid digestion instrument

by:BOQU     2021-04-30

The COD rapid digestion apparatus is a heating device for rapid determination of chemical oxygen consumption. It can be used for sample digestion pretreatments such as COD, total phosphorus and total nitrogen. The instrument can automatically complete the constant temperature timing time, the time setting is 1-999 minutes, the instrument has an automatic sound alarm function after the temperature constant time is reached, and automatically shuts down without manual intervention. The temperature drift is small, and the constant temperature accuracy is high.

It adopts PID temperature controller, time controller, fast heating speed, small temperature buffer, constant and uniform temperature, etc., and it is easy to operate. It is a new product of experimental instrumentation. Compared with the current backflow device for the determination of chemical oxygen demand by the potassium dichromate method, it has the advantages of small size, water saving, power saving, and good constant temperature performance. It is suitable for rapid determination of COD by heating and can be used in environmental monitoring, colleges and universities, sanitation, food, tap water, chemical industry, sewage treatment, papermaking, petrochemical, metallurgy, printing and dyeing industries.

Functional characteristics of cod rapid digestion instrument:

1. The use of a new type of thermostat, the heating speed is fast, the accuracy is high, and the temperature is constant and uniform.

2. It can automatically complete the constant temperature timing time, have the automatic alarm function when the time is up, and automatically shut down to realize unattended operation.

3. Sealed digestion can effectively reduce errors.

4. It has the advantages of small size, water-saving, time-saving, power-saving, and good constant temperature performance.

The operating procedures of cod rapid digestion apparatus:

1. Check that the instrument is operating normally.

2. Check whether the rotor is clean and the container has been cleaned.

3. Weigh the sample, the weighing amount of the inner tank is less than or equal to 0.1g, and the inner tank is less than or equal to 0.5g.

4. In a fume hood, add reagents for digestion. When the inner tank is used alone, the total reagent must be at least 8mL, and the inner tank is generally within 2mL. Close the lid, insert it into the outer tank, put the safety shrapnel, and then put it into the rotor frame. The frame is positioned on the workbench, and then screw on the frame is rotated with a torque wrench. When you hear a 'GaIn order to ensure the stable rotation of the rotor, the empty rack can be placed on the turntable when digesting fewer bottles of samples. The main control tank is inserted into the temperature sensor and placed in position 1 of the stand and connected. Confirm that the temperature sensor is not twisted. Then connect the baroreceptor.

5. Close the door, write or call up the program according to the sample.

6. Press START to start the program.

7. After the end, it can be cooled quickly with water or cooled naturally. Under normal circumstances, the lid will be opened when the temperature is below 45°C. In order to be suitable for analysis, perform evaporation or constant volume.

8. Clean the container.                                

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