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The Importance of Chlorine in the Bathtub

by:BOQU     2023-04-11
Gases that dissolve in natural water include oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, and more. Two important features need to be mastered: 1. Different gases have different solubility; 2. There are two sources of gas. First, it dissolves in the air. The second is produced in water due to biological activities and chemical changes of substances in water. For fish tank water, there is another source of air, and that is artificial additions, such as chlorine. Of course, for fish tanks, there are three most important things: oxygen, carbon dioxide and chlorine. Oxygen is essential for fish. Dissolved oxygen in water depends on the following factors: water temperature, photosynthetic plants, decomposition of substances in water, respiration of fish, etc. However, the higher the dissolved oxygen content, the better. Too high will cause fish disease and affect the dissolution of other gases. This is a feature of the system mentioned earlier in Section 3354. For details, please refer to the article aboobee: One of the Aquarium Bottom Logic Series: Two Essential Features of the Aquarium System 0 Agree 0 Comments on the article. For starters, it's easy to have a superstition: To keep fish well, you must have oxygen. In fact, whether aeration depends on the dissolved oxygen in the water, and the influencing factors of dissolved oxygen are also mentioned above, the most important of which are the respiration of fish, the number and size of fish. For example, in a room with a window, if there are only a few people or most of them are children, do you find it difficult to breathe? If there are too many people in the crowd (don't argue too much), and they are all big men, you will feel better with some oxygen at this time. Carbon dioxide is a kind of carbon dioxide refiner, which absorbs carbon dioxide dissolved in water through leaves and roots for photosynthesis, that is, it is designed to dissolve more carbon dioxide. Some plants mainly rely on leaves to absorb, so the leaves have evolved into long and thin, increasing the contact area with water; some plants mainly absorb carbon dioxide produced by the decomposition of organic matter in the base mud through their roots, so the roots are developed and the plants are short, so that carbon dioxide can be absorbed as quickly as possible reach the blade. We don't need to say much about the dangers of chlorine to fish and plants. How to remove chlorine? Methods include oxygen explosion, water trapping, heating, adding dechlorinating agents, etc. The method with the least secondary impact is to collect water, but the disadvantage is that it is time-consuming and labor-intensive. The truth is that everything has two sides, the right is the best.
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