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The Importance of Online Dissolved Oxygen Analyzers

by:BOQU     2023-04-09
Dissolved oxygen refers to the oxygen dissolved in the molecular state of water, that is, O2 in water, represented by DO, which is an indispensable condition for the purity of aquatic organisms. One of the sources is that when the dissolved oxygen in the water is not saturated, the oxygen in the electrical appliance goes deep into the water. Another source is the oxygen released by plants in the water through photosynthesis. In addition to being consumed by reducing substances such as sulfide, nitrite, and ferrous ions in water, it is also consumed by the respiration of microorganisms and the oxidative decomposition of organic substances by microorganisms. Therefore, dissolved oxygen is the root cause of the water body and the performance of the self-purification ability of the water body. The importance of the online dissolved oxygen analyzer is as follows: 1. Through the short-term, medium-term and long-term trend of dissolved oxygen, the water quality of aquaculture can be predicted in advance, and the water quality can be controlled by changing the water and rationally using chemicals to reduce the risk of breeding and optimize the water quality. Breeding potion effect. 2. Real-time dissolved oxygen data provide a basis for farmers to scientifically control dissolved oxygen in the breeding water environment, increase oxygen reasonably, and reduce the cost of electricity for farming. 3. Users can visually see the real-time data of dissolved oxygen in the aquaculture water environment through the display window of the equipment, avoiding the disadvantages of intermittent, fixed-point, and regular detection of chemicals and test strips. 4. Through the equipment linkage control device, the automatic opening/closing and alarm reminder of the oxygenation equipment can be realized, so as to avoid the disadvantages of manual on-duty and reduce the labor cost of breeding. 5. Optimize the feeding time and feeding amount through the real-time data of dissolved oxygen, optimize the bait coefficient, and reduce the cost of breeding feed. When changing the dissolved oxygen membrane of the online dissolved oxygen analyzer, the old electrolyte should be washed away with deionized water or distilled water, and the standard drops of new electrolyte should be added to dry it. There are usually two kinds of pH meter measurement: colorimetric method (pH test paper or cuvette) and electrode method. The ordinary dissolved oxygen sensor should be filled with new electrolyte until the liquid surface bulges, and the dissolved oxygen film should be pressed on without leaving any air bubbles; half the amount of new electrolyte should be injected into the cover film and screwed tightly. The cover membrane can be used after replacement, and the ordinary membrane should be left overnight after replacement to allow the membrane to fully restore its balance.
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