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The importance of online dissolved oxygen meter in the process of aquaculture

by:BOQU     2023-04-10
Does anyone know what the online dissolved oxygen meter is for? It is a water quality online monitoring and control instrument with a microprocessor. Different types of dissolved oxygen electrodes are widely used in power plants, petrochemicals, metallurgical electronics, mining, paper, biological fermentation, medicine, food and beverage, environmental water treatment, aquaculture and other industries; the dissolved oxygen value of aqueous solution and temperature values ​​are continuously monitored and controlled. In the process of aquaculture, the presence of an online dissolved oxygen meter is very important. The industry not only needs to ensure the nutrition of the feed, but also the water quality. Dissolved oxygen is the lifeline for the survival of fish in water. If the dissolved oxygen in water is high, the The water quality has the characteristics of fat, liveliness and refreshment. The fish have a strong appetite and a high feed utilization rate; on the contrary, the dissolved oxygen in the water is low, and their feeding rate and feed utilization rate will be inhibited to varying degrees. At present, pond culture relies on manual control of aeration machines, which effectively solves the problem of aeration in fish ponds. In aquaculture, water has many factors that affect water quality, such as PH ammonia nitrogen, nitrite, etc. If dissolved oxygen can be maintained at a stable level, other harmful substances will be reduced. It can be said that controlling aerobic It can control the rise of other harmful substances. Oxygen is also easy to control all parameters in the water, and the cost is low, but it is difficult to grasp whether the water is hypoxic by human feeling. Once hypoxia, it will affect the growth of fish. When oxygen When maintained at a certain level, the bait coefficient can be reduced, the quality and quantity of the product can be improved, and the least investment can be exchanged for a great harvest. Therefore, the dissolved oxygen meter plays a very important role in aquaculture. . The working principle of the online dissolved oxygen meter: The sensor cover at the front end of the measuring probe of the dissolved oxygen analyzer is covered with a layer of fluorescent substance. The blue light emitted by the LED light source shines on the fluorescent substance, and the fluorescent substance is excited and emits red light; a photocell detects the fluorescent substance The time required from emitting red light to returning to the ground state. This time is only related to the emission time of blue light and the amount of oxygen. The dissolved oxygen analyzer probe also has an LED light source, which emits red light at the same time as blue light emission, as a reference for blue light emission time. The more oxygen there is around the sensor, the less time the phosphor has to emit red light. Therefore, the concentration of dissolved oxygen is calculated.
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