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The importance of online sewage detection

by:BOQU     2023-03-27
The economic development of any country in the world is accompanied by the improvement of people's living environment and the gradual acceleration of urbanization, but the corresponding demand and consumption of fresh water resources are also increasing. With the rapid development of my country's economy and the increase of industrialization, the pollution of water resources is also increasing, especially the increase in the discharge of urban sewage and industrial sewage, resulting in worsening water environment quality and increasingly serious water shortages. , all of which have increased the load on the city and brought a series of ecological and environmental problems that endanger the survival and development of the city. Urban sewage treatment, as an important indicator of the degree of urban development, its implementation effect has become an important indicator for evaluating the degree of urban development. The effect of urban sewage treatment is not only related to the environmental protection around the city, but also to the downstream urban people's health and economic development. Accelerating the construction of urban sewage treatment, accelerating the application of new urban treatment technologies, promoting the harmonious development of cities and the implementation of sustainable development routes are currently the primary tasks of relevant departments of urban sewage treatment. As far as my country's current urban sewage treatment management is concerned, there are big problems, because my country's urban sewage treatment system is relatively backward, and the sewage treatment equipment is not perfect at the same time, so it has led to projects in which my country is really proficient in this technology in sewage treatment There are not many personnel, and most of the staff cannot meet the requirements in the professional issues of sewage treatment and related technical aspects, which makes some cities in our country succeed in building some sewage treatment plants, but due to the lack of professional technical operators and sewage management system personnel Insufficient, unable to operate normally for sewage treatment. At the same time, in the sewage treatment system, because there is no scientific and effective management, there are many defects and deficiencies in the management level. How to improve the online detection of sewage In order to implement sewage treatment more efficiently, organically combine the management and sewage treatment process together, adopt a set of online detection of sewage treatment sewage, the online detection of sewage is a set of online automatic analysis instruments as the core, It is a comprehensive online automatic monitoring system composed of modern sensor technology, automatic measurement technology, computer application technology, relevant professional analysis software and communication network. Compared with the traditional sewage treatment technology, the online monitoring system can realize the whole process of automatic operation, and reduce manual help, which not only saves a lot of manpower and material resources, reduces the operating cost, but also shortens the monitoring time and realizes the real-time sewage monitoring , which truly reflects the treatment situation of the sewage plant and avoids the emergence of blind spots.
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