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The importance of wastewater monitoring

by:BOQU     2023-04-19
Wastewater is a common water quality in our lives. It is mainly discharged from domestic or industrial production and cannot be used again. At present, most of the wastewater is directly discharged into rivers and other water networks without treatment. This will As a result, the ecological environment has been greatly polluted. In order to avoid this situation, the wastewater should be monitored. Let me tell you about the significance of wastewater monitoring. Significance of wastewater monitoring 1. Monitoring wastewater can carry out habitual data monitoring of the content of groundwater discharged into rivers, rivers, lakes, reservoirs, oceans, etc., as well as polluting chemicals and environmental polluting chemicals infiltrated into groundwater, and can grasp water quality in real time current situation and development trend. 2. Monitoring domestic wastewater can provide an important basis for air pollutant management and sewage treatment. 3. Monitoring the waste water can judge whether the water quality standard can meet the water quality standard formulated by our country, which has an important judgment basis for environmental protection. 4. In some scientific researches on water treatment technology and water quality monitoring, evaluate new technologies, processes and methods. 5. Wastewater monitoring can provide basic information for formulating and adjusting water quality testing standards. The components contained in wastewater are relatively complex, and complete treatment cannot be achieved by a single treatment method. Generally, a variety of combined methods are required to achieve the purpose of wastewater purification, so we need to treat wastewater from the source. A series of sewage discharge monitoring equipment is used to monitor the water quality in real time, so that when the water quality is abnormal, we can take some corresponding measures in time according to the actual conditions of the water quality.
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