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The important role of surface water monitoring

by:BOQU     2023-04-19
The river is clear and the grass is lush. In the sun, green... This is what the reporter saw in the West Boundary River in Xincheng recently. The original dark river has disappeared. Instead, it is the visual experience of fish playing with lotus leaves at the bottom. After the transformation, the water transparency in the deep water area of ​​Xizhijie has reached more than 1.5 meters. Yao Bin, Section Chief of the River Section of the Xincheng Public Utilities Management Center, introduced that in July last year, Xincheng launched a river quality improvement project around the administrative center square, involving rivers including the South River of the Square, the West River of the Square, the North River of the Square, the Jie River at the West End, the Bridge River on the Shanghe River, the Lijiatang River and There are 7 rivers in the east, with a total water area of ​​about 51,500 square meters and a total water volume of 77,300 cubic meters. At present, the water quality of 7 rivers has been improved. Entering the era of quality, there are high-quality roads such as Tiyu Road and Haiyu Road in the surrounding areas, which complement each other. Yao Bin, person in charge of the river section of Xincheng Public Utilities Management Center is different from the previous river water quality improvement process. River water quality improvement is the last article of 'Ecology'. On the basis of retaining the original floating island and aeration device, the bottom Handling is the focus. Eliminating sources of pollution is also key to improving river water quality. In the past, sewage from restaurants along Xincheng Yi Road and Tiyu Road often flowed into the river through broken pipes. The new town is located on Yi Road, Haiyue Road, Haiyu Road, etc. Sewer interceptor installed. At the same time, a third-party company is hired to build an ecological filter wall at the river confluence for pretreatment. Further improve the water quality of rivers. At present, the water quality of 7 rivers has been improved. Some river water has even reached the second-class drinking water standard after testing. It is understood that the 'underwater forest' created by submerged plants and the ecological filter wall are the main highlights of the 'quality river' construction. The seven 'high-quality rivers' all use three kinds of water-purifying and submerged plants: charophyta, flavescens, and spinach. They can not only absorb and transform nitrogen, phosphorus and refractory organic pollutants in water bodies and sediments, but also synthesize their own substances, purify eutrophic water bodies, regulate the material circulation speed of water ecosystems, and increase water body biodiversity. Can effectively improve water quality and ecological environment. The ecological filter wall can filter or absorb sediment, particulate matter and suspended solids in the water body through porous carriers of different pore sizes, so as to improve the purification effect of the water body. In the next step, Xincheng will continue to consolidate the achievements of 'high-quality rivers', promote the implementation of the municipal government's internal sewage pipe network restoration project, do a good job in the daily maintenance and management of high-quality rivers, and make the river landscape a beautiful landscape in the city. Yao Bin said that 'Quality River' prohibits cleaning debris, fishing, random discharge, sewage discharge and littering. He hopes that the public will actively cooperate. The river of quality needs to be maintained by you and me! It is forbidden to wash sundries, fish or release people at will. Discharge of sewage and garbage is prohibited. Reporter: Fortunately, Xiaowei Correspondent: Han Feng Editor: Yan Ting Zhoubao Group New Media
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