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The main features and related precautions of COD analyzer

by:BOQU     2021-10-25

COD tester is a rapid photometric COD tester, specially developed according to the water quality conditions, usage habits, and regulatory requirements of Chinese users. It meets the daily measurement requirements of the laboratory and supports on-site measurement. The COD analyzer meets the requirements of the environmental protection system, can quickly digest the spectrophotometric COD measurement specifications, and supports Hach's classic 2-hour digestion COD measurement method. The COD analyzer has a built-in standard COD test curve, which supports user-built curves. Its main features are:

1. No need to configure reagents: The pre-formed reagent tube provided by the chemical composition required for COD detection can save a lot of reagent preparation time;

2. Save time: the entire measurement process, including water sample digestion, color determination, etc., takes less than 30 minutes;

3. Compact digestion device: COD digestion device replaces the traditional COD reflux device, which can dissolve up to 25 water samples at the same time;

4. The secondary pollution to the environment is small: the trace recovery method only requires a small number of reagents, and the well-designed reagent tube can prevent the volatilization of organic substances and release the sample, and ensure that the digestion process is error-free.

5. Easy to operate and learn: The operating instructions are shown to enable you to easily master the COD analysis method in a short time.

Cautions for cod analyzer:

1. Built-in standard working curve, can directly carry out water sample detection;

2. Pipette samples. Reagent pipettes cannot be used interchangeably to prevent reagent contamination;

3. Precipitation is normal;

4. Do not shake the digestion tube vigorously during wiping and measurement;

5. Measure. Add samples. When adding reagents, the pipette should measure the concave liquid when looking up;

6. Please make sure that the cap of the digestion tube is tightened before digestion;

7. The water sample can be roughly pre-judged during testing, and over-range dilution sampling testing can be performed;

8. Insert the blank digestion tube into the colorimetric tank for about 2-3 seconds, and then press 'confirm' after the reading is stable;

9. The value of curve 1 blank measurement should be between 0.010-0.040, if not, please redo the blank or check whether the reagent has deteriorated;

10. It is normal for the data to fluctuate in a small range within a short period of time during sample measurement; (the average value can be used as the final result).

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