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The necessity of regular maintenance of online water quality testing instruments

by:BOQU     2023-03-13
On-line water quality analyzers such as COD, ammonia nitrogen, and heavy metal analyzers shoulder the heavy responsibility of ensuring water quality safety. To ensure that the on-line water quality monitors achieve long-term operation and ensure the validity of the data, it is very necessary to maintain the online water quality testing instruments regularly. . There are many factors that affect the monitoring data of online water quality testing instruments, such as water collection and distribution, instrument operation, reagents and standard solutions, etc., but in actual work, if the maintenance of online water quality monitoring instruments can be targeted and correct If it is combined with management, it can still effectively improve the accuracy of instrument monitoring and make its data representative. Therefore, the correct maintenance method of the online water quality monitor is a key step in determining the accuracy, precision, representativeness, completeness and comparability of the monitoring data. The regular maintenance of the online water quality testing instrument should start from three aspects. The first is the regular calibration of the online water quality monitoring instrument. The purpose is to ensure that the instrument can still maintain its superior performance when it is adjusted and restarted. Avoid inaccurate measurement data caused by the instrument; the second is the multi-point linearity inspection of the instrument, basically the multi-point linearity inspection of the standard curve of the instrument, generally once every six months, can ensure that the instrument is in good operating condition; The third day is aimed at the impact of the detection environment on the online water quality monitor. Since the environment of the online water quality monitor is relatively harsh, the sediment will cause changes in the sensitivity of the sensor, which in turn will make the detection and analysis of the online water quality monitor measure the results Deviations occur, so it is also necessary to regularly clean the water quality online monitor to keep it in good condition. Doing a good job in the regular maintenance of online water quality testing instruments can help carry out water quality monitoring scientifically and effectively, grasp the water quality status in time, achieve the purpose of effectively controlling pollution, meeting discharge standards, and improving water quality. It can be said that monitoring instruments and meters and related technologies are the cornerstone of building an all-round, all-weather, three-dimensional environmental monitoring network system, and have played a mainstay role in my country's environmental monitoring and protection work.
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