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The need for water quality testing

by:BOQU     2022-03-26

1. Why does the water turn yellow?

(1) When the water source is replaced, due to the mismatch between the water quality and the properties of the water supply pipeline, the rust in the pipeline is dissolved and the water turns yellow. For users who have been using groundwater, this phenomenon is especially obvious after the water source is replaced.

(2) Secondary pollution of tap water caused by corrosion caused by perennial use or pipe quality problems from the first valve after the user's general meter to the pipeline in the user's home.

(3) For users who use secondary water supply facilities, due to the fact that the property rights unit fails to regularly clean and disinfect pools or water tanks, resulting in secondary pollution of tap water, it is recommended that users regularly clean and brush secondary pressurized facilities.

(4) Temporary yellow water caused by users in or around users due to maintenance of pipelines or switching of water meter valves.

2. Why does the water turn white?

The whitening of tap water is caused by the dissolved air in the water, which is decomposed into tiny bubbles by pressure, and the water looks milky white. After standing for a few minutes, the bubbles will disappear on their own, and the water quality will become clear. This phenomenon will not affect the water quality.

3. Why does the water turn blue?

Individual users put blue solid (or liquid) stain remover into the back tank of the toilet. When the water pressure of the external pipe network is reduced or the water is stopped, the blue water will flow back and pollute the internal water quality of the user.

4. Why is the water hot?

(1) The heating pipeline is close to the water supply pipeline or the heating pipeline leaks and flows into the water supply pipeline. (2) After the water pressure is reduced, the solar water supply valve of some users is not closed or malfunctions, resulting in the backflow of hot water.

5. Why does the water smell of gasoline?

When the user replaces the main valve internally, there will also be a temporary gasoline smell due to oil stains on the valve interface, but it will recover soon; or for users who have a pressure pump, after replacing the pressure pump, sometimes There will be a temporary gasoline smell.

6. Why does water smell like paint?

(1) The user has installed a low-quality solar water heater, and the paint and impurities in the water heater pollute the water quality. If the water inlet switch of the water heater is turned on when the water is stopped or the water pressure changes, the water will partially return, polluting the user's tap water. (2) For users with secondary water supply facilities, if the user has just painted the inner wall of the secondary water supply pool or water tank with paint, the paint will be immersed in the water. The duration of this phenomenon is related to the quality of the paint.

7. Why are there red nematodes in the water? There are three reasons:

(1) There is a dead end in the user's internal pipeline.

(2) The user has not lived for a long time, and the tap water will not be used for a long time.

(3) The secondary water supply storage tank has not been cleaned and disinfected for a long time. In the above three cases, red nematodes are easy to breed in water. The solution is to remove the dead head or release the dead water, and the property rights unit of the secondary water supply facility cleans the secondary water supply facility on time.

8. Why is the water salty?

Users who use water treatment equipment will also cause the water to become salty due to the incomplete treatment of the newly replaced water treatment materials.

9. Why does the water have an earthy smell?

At present, more than 90% of the tap water is processed from surface water, and the odor-causing substances produced by algae in the surface water are not completely treated, which will cause this phenomenon, especially in the high temperature and rainy season when algae multiply rapidly.

10. Why does water produce scale?

The scale produced after the water is boiled is mainly composed of inorganic salts such as calcium and magnesium. After caking, it will settle at the bottom of the container. Such substances into the human body will be excreted with human metabolism, and will not form stones in the body.

11. Why does water stink?

(1). Tap water that has not been used for a long time will produce foul smell after being corrupted.

(2). The water supply pipeline is damaged. Under normal water supply conditions, the pressure in the pipeline is very high and will not seep into the sewage. When the water is cut off or the water supply pressure is reduced, after the sewage seeps in, the tap water produces an odor. After the user can release the water for a short time, it will be normal.

12. Why does the water smell like disinfectant?

At present, the disinfection method of tap water is mainly liquid chlorine disinfection, and the residual chlorine produced has the same taste as the disinfection water. Due to the strong volatility of residual chlorine, it will disappear in a short period of time without affecting the quality of tap water.

13.What is the disinfection method of water?

The disinfectants for drinking water mainly include liquid chlorine, bleaching powder, sodium hypochlorite, and ozone. Among them, chlorine is easily soluble in water and has strong bactericidal properties, which can prevent secondary pollution of water, and chlorine disinfection is easier to control and monitor.

14. Groundwater. What is the difference between surface water?

Groundwater: clear water, stable water temperature, hygienic, but high hardness, high mineralization, easy to form scale. Surface water: high turbidity, large changes in water temperature, high content of organic matter and bacteria, susceptible to seasonal changes, and easy to produce odors in certain seasons.

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