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The online ORP meter is an online water quality monitor with a microprocessor

by:BOQU     2022-01-29

Online ORP meter is an online water quality monitor with a microprocessor. The meter is equipped with different types of high-quality pH electrodes. It has the characteristics of Chinese menu operation, high stability, excellent repeatability, multi-function, etc. It can accurately measure the pH value, oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) and temperature value in the solution. On-line monitoring of redox potential ORP can reflect the relative amount of oxidative or reducing substances in the pool. The ORP analyzer can also reflect the quality of redox progress. Using ORP indicators to adjust the process flow can achieve twice the result with half the effort. . It is widely used in power plants, petrochemicals, metallurgical electronics, environmental protection water treatment, biological fermentation, medicine, food, and beverage industries to continuously monitor the pH (pH or ORP) of aqueous solutions.

In natural water, there are many kinds of ions and dissolved oxygen with variable valence. When some sewage is discharged into the water, the water contains a large number of ions and organic substances. Due to the different properties of the ions, redox reactions occur in the water body and tend to balance. Therefore, in the natural water body, it is not a single redox system, but a mixed redox system. ORP represents the redox potential of the solution. The ORP value is a measure of the redox capacity of an aqueous solution, and its unit is mv. It consists of an ORP composite electrode and an mv meter. An ORP electrode is an electrode that can absorb or release electrons on the surface of its sensitive layer, which is an inert metal, usually made of platinum and gold. The reference electrode is the same silver/silver chloride electrode as the pH electrode.

Online ORP Meter Features:

1. Display parameters on the same screen: display ORP value, input mV (or output current), temperature, time and status on the same screen.

2. Multi-notepad function: The notepad faithfully records the operation and usage of the instrument and the time when the alarm occurs, which is convenient for management.

3. Monitoring electrode function: The method, time and result of each calibration are recorded, which is convenient for query and analysis of electrode change laws.

4. Historical curve: The measurement data is automatically stored every 5 minutes, and the ORP value for one month can be continuously stored.

5. Chinese display, Chinese menu, Chinese note: the operation steps are prompted in Chinese throughout the process, and it can be easily completed without the manual.

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