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The online pH meter has become the ideal instrument for industrial enterprises to test and control pH

by:BOQU     2022-02-16

Online PH meter is a precise instrument for testing the pH value of the solution. It adopts high-performance chip to complete multi-parameter measurement, temperature compensation, high instrument accuracy and good repeatability. It has the characteristics of complete functions, stable performance and easy operation. The current output and alarm relay adopt photoelectric coupling isolation technology, which has strong anti-interference performance, realizes the isolation output of remote alarm signal, the upper and lower alarm limits can be set arbitrarily, the alarm hysteresis cancels the high-performance operational amplifier, the positive and negative values u200bu200bof ORP are symmetrical, and the temperature drift is small. , stable, precise and clear user interface design ensures the comfortable and intuitive operation process. Measurements and temperature are displayed simultaneously on a large, high-contrast LCD. The measured values u200bu200bare displayed in plain text. Internationally available illustrations provide operational information and indicate unusual working conditions. Status indicators provide information about the current operating mode. The very flat and completely sealed electronic components are integrated in the front of the housing. This provides a lot of space for wiring inside the device, with all parts within easy reach. Become the ideal instrument for industrial enterprises to test and control pH.

Online pH meter works on the principle of the primary battery. The electromotive force between the two electrodes of the primary battery is based on Nernst's law, which is not only related to the properties of the electrodes, but also to the concentration of hydrogen ions in the solution. There is a corresponding relationship between the electromotive force of the primary cell and the hydrogen ion concentration, and the negative logarithm of the hydrogen ion concentration is the pH value.

The second is the application. Online pH meter is one of the intelligent online chemical analysis instruments, which is widely used in thermal power, chemical fertilizer, metallurgy, environmental protection, pharmaceutical, biochemical, food and tap water and other solutions for continuous monitoring of pH value. Not only record ph-value, but also record ORP value, temperature value, control upper and lower limits at the same time, perform 4-20mA transmission output or perform RS485 communication function.

Reliable electronic measuring and control equipment is of great importance in the industrial field. Measurement accuracy can make or break a product's success in the marketplace. In the process of sewage treatment, the pH value of sewage is a very important monitoring data. The pH value of the sewage must be controlled within a certain range before the operation of the next link can be carried out. Online ph meter, widely used in the field of sewage treatment, plays an indispensable role. Especially in the industrial field, only quality is the key factor in determining long-term benefits. Signal conditioners, sensors, accessories and process analysis systems have been considered in every detail to guarantee the benefit of our customers and theirs.

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