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The online residual chlorine meter is suitable for membrane treatment processes such as reverse osmosis

by:BOQU     2023-04-04
The online residual chlorine meter is an online residual chlorine monitor especially suitable for reverse osmosis and other membrane treatment processes. Selective electrode is used for residual chlorine detection, plug and play, wide range and low detection limit, built-in pH/temperature automatic compensation. The residual chlorine online analyzer consists of two parts: a sensor and a secondary meter. It can measure residual chlorine, pH value and temperature at the same time. The residual chlorine meter is a water quality online monitor with a microprocessor. The sensor of the online residual chlorine meter is a diaphragm structure, which is not affected by the change of pH value, does not require reagents, and has stable performance, which can reduce maintenance and use costs. The diaphragm ampere residual chlorine sensor is a three-electrode sensor, which does not require reagents and buffers, and does not require zero point calibration. The measurement of residual chlorine is more accurate. It is used in drinking water treatment plants, drinking water distribution networks, swimming pools, industrial sewage, and cooling circulating water to continuously monitor and control the residual chlorine content in water. It can be widely used as an instrument for continuous monitoring of residual chlorine and pH value of various water qualities in industries such as electric power, waterworks, and hospitals. What is residual chlorine? Residual chlorine refers to that after chlorine is put into water, in addition to consuming part of the chlorine with bacteria, microorganisms, organic matter, inorganic substances, etc. in the water, there is still a part of chlorine left. This part of chlorine is called residual chlorine, also known as free chlorine. . Measurement function: instrument measurement information, part of the control interface. History: Check the instrument measurement records. Instrument calibration: Calibration and fine-tuning of instruments. Alarm setting: Configure the alarm value and hysteresis of the instrument. Instrument setup: configuration and initialization of the instrument. The principle of the online residual chlorine meter is: the electrolyte and the osmotic membrane separate the electrolytic cell from the water sample, and the osmotic membrane can selectively allow ClO- to penetrate; there is a fixed potential difference between the two electrodes, and the generated current intensity It can be converted into residual chlorine concentration.
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