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The principle of use and product features of the residual chlorine detector

by:BOQU     2023-03-31
Simply put, the residual chlorine detector is an instrument for rapid detection of residual chlorine. The instrument is equivalent to a small spectrophotometer. After the water sample is reacted with a special reagent, the residual chlorine/total chlorine value is calculated by the spectrophotometric method. . The characteristic of the residual chlorine analyzer is that the reagents needed in the detection process are designed into a special reagent package, and the instrument itself also contains a standard curve. Users do not need professional knowledge to prepare reagents and curves, and can accurately detect within a few minutes. The content of residual chlorine can be very convenient for enterprises to quickly monitor the content of residual chlorine in water. The principle of the residual chlorine detector: The residual chlorine detector adopts advanced non-membrane constant voltage sensor, no need to replace the diaphragm and reagent, high sensitivity, rapid signal response, accurate measurement, stable performance, and simple maintenance. The residual chlorine measurement and control system in water has the characteristics of convenient use, high accuracy and economy. Using this series of advanced analytical techniques ensures the stability, reliability and accuracy of the long-term work of the instrument. With Chinese menu operation, 485 communication and other functions. Product use: The residual chlorine analyzer is a brand-new residual chlorine analyzer of our company. This meter is a highly intelligent online continuous monitor, which consists of two parts: a sensor and a secondary meter. Can measure residual chlorine and temperature at the same time. It can be widely used in the continuous monitoring of residual chlorine of various water quality in electric power, waterworks, hospital and other industries. Functional characteristics of the residual chlorine analyzer: 1. Batch detection: 4-channel detection, which can detect multiple water samples at a time. The industry's only YI can automatically detect multiple water samples at the same time. The speed is fast, which solves the problem of slow detection of multiple water samples and greatly improves the detection efficiency. 2. Reference channel: The instrument is equipped with a reference channel, which can directly read the concentration of the standard substance and the concentration of the sample to be tested at the same time during the detection process, which improves the detection accuracy and avoids the error of manual operation. 3. Display: 7-inch large-screen color capacitive touch screen is selected, with comfortable and sensitive operation, good display effect, and rich content displayed on a single screen. 4. Data upload: The test data can be stored in large quantities, 5 million pieces of test data can be stored, and the data can also be uploaded. The data storage and processing are flexible and diverse. 5. Optical path system: The instrument adopts the leading optical fiber spectroscopic system technology to ensure the accuracy of detection accuracy. Product features of residual chlorine analyzer: 1. Large-screen dot-matrix liquid crystal display, Chinese menu operation. 2. Simultaneous display of multiple parameters: residual chlorine value, temperature, output current, etc. are displayed at the same time, which is intuitive and easy to read, and there is a reminder of range overrun. 3. It has the function of restoring factory settings. 4. Manual/automatic temperature compensation function. 5. Communication function: It has RS-485 communication interface, and the residual chlorine value corresponding to the 4-20mA current output can be set arbitrarily. 6. Photoelectric isolation 4-20mA current output. 7. The hysteresis value can be set arbitrarily, to avoid the frequent action of the switch relay, and it has the function of setting the switch value on and off. 8. Watchdog function: to ensure that the instrument will not crash.
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