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The role of online monitoring system in sewage treatment plant

by:BOQU     2023-04-16
Sewage treatment plants mainly treat some wastewater discharged from domestic and industrial production. In these industries, it is usually necessary to use the sewage online monitoring system to monitor the discharged sewage in real time. It can judge the water quality in time and give timely feedback to Staff, at this time we can take some corresponding measures through the monitoring data. The role of the online monitoring system of sewage treatment plants The role of the online sewage monitoring system in sewage treatment plants is relatively important, it can realize the control and supervision of the total amount of parameters in the polluted water quality. The sewage online monitoring system is one of the effective means to control sewage discharge. Through it, we can upload or save the monitoring data in the platform in real time to ensure that the treated drainage meets the standard requirements. Moreover, the staff in the sewage treatment plant can analyze the water quality through the sewage online monitoring system. When the water quality is abnormal, they can take timely treatment measures to reduce the occurrence of pollution accidents. Sewage On-Line Monitoring System Composition Structure Sewage on-line monitoring system is composed of monitoring equipment and monitoring center. Monitoring social security refers to flow meters, flow meters, recorders and data transmission instruments installed at sewage discharge sources for water quality monitoring. The monitoring center and the monitoring equipment are connected through the line, and the computer or other analysis equipment can automatically monitor the sewage, mainly including the water sample collection unit, water distribution unit, analysis unit and control unit, and the sewage online monitoring system. The core devices are mainly water quality automatic analyzers and monitoring instruments. The sewage online monitoring system plays a very important role in the sewage treatment plant. It can judge whether the discharged water quality can meet the standard, and if there is an abnormality, it will also remind the staff in time.
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